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Sopot - Cities of Bulgaria - 25 August 2011

Sopot - Cities of Bulgaria

Sopot - a picturesque corner of our home country, which pristapyash with excitement, trembling with awe .... Everything here is a memory .... Walk the cobblestone streets, staring at pretty puffed courtyards with trees and vines winding and sink to the romance of the past .... and seemed to come alive around you Vazov immortal heroes .. Sitting in the midst of the populous brood Chorbadji Marco, wince with Boycho Ognyanov to Grandpa Stoyanova mill, excited by the young teacher Rada Gospozhina log in you ... But the Girl's convent, as if sensed the footsteps of the Apostle, hear his words plamnennite of rebellion and freedom .. .. This is a memory ..... Memory of a rebellious past ..... Memory that today the inhabitants of Sopot holy guard.     Most - earliest...

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Old Sozopol - Cities of Bulgaria - 23 August 2011

Old Sozopol - Cities of Bulgaria

It is the oldest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Sozopol - ancient and traditional Renaissance style. The first settlement here occurred at the end of the IV - III BC. The earliest settlers of this region are the Thracian tribes. In 610 BC by Greek settlers from Asia Minor founded the city-state and named it after their god Apollo - Apolonia Pontica. Apollo was the largest and richest city on the Black Sea, a center of brisk trade and arts.The town developed as a commercial center of honey, wool, corn, wine, zihtin, fabrics, jewelry and ceramics. But this does not prevent frequent falls in economic and political crises, and even sometimes in wars - most often with the Dorians - Mesembria residents. Therefore Apollonia often changing his master. At...

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Bansko - Cities of Bulgaria - 16 August 2011

Bansko - Cities of Bulgaria

Bansko is today the site of a village which is inhabited in succession by Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Slavs. Its history is traced back centuries. Remains located within the town testify to several historical eras. These are ancient fortresses, Thracian tumuli, churches and chapels. Near Old Town revealed Thracian burial mounds. In the area Dobrokyovitsa in open burial of the second century, found residues of medicines set of bronze medical instruments and more. It is assumed that the medieval settlement was in the Holy Trinity. South of Bansko are remains of churches' St. George "and" St. Elijah "- monuments that are late Middle Ages. Bansko has established as a settlement in the IX-X century grouping of several neighborhoods. For Baniska name is mentioned in...

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Smolyan - Cities in Bulgaria - 15 August 2011

Smolyan - Cities in Bulgaria

Although the young city was heavy with long history and hard times. These places hold the memories of Thracians with wonderful harps / is considered that this Orpheus is enchanted bird with his music / skillful Slavic tribe resins, and give the city its name, the brave Bulgarians who paid with their blood the love of God. One of the youngest towns in Bulgaria - Smolyan, to nuzzle into the warm folds of the Rhodope Mountains, stretched his long frame many miles away. Smolyan is declared a city in 1960, when three villages / neighborhoods today / Ezerovo Raikovo and Ustovo are merged. Today the city is nice and long, but the center, completed only a dozen years, remarkable architecture and contemporary look. For architecture in Smolyan can say that this is probably the only city...

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And once more for the town of Smolyan .... - 14 August 2011

And once more for the town of  Smolyan ....

      Town of Smolyan - the youngest city in Bulgaria         ПОТЪРСИ МЕ В РОДОПИТЕ      

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