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Kalofer - Cities in Bulgaria - 02 June 2014

Kalofer - Cities in Bulgaria

Kalofer unique mountain town , marked by the architecture of the Renaissance , a memorial complex dedicated to the national hero Hristo Botev and beautiful scenery . It is one of the few Bulgarian towns with a large existing churches, monasteries and chapels . It is a city with traditions and local spirit expressed in the many festivals celebrated throughout the year. Kalofer also has a strong tradition in crafts , one of which - crochet lace Kaloferska is reached today , thanks to the active Kalofer laces knitters , the creative fine art now. Heritage preservation The museum complex is located in the Botev garden and comprises: memorial house-museum , exhibition hall , monument of Hristo Botev ,                              monument...

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Panagyurishte - Cities in Bulgaria - 03 May 2014

Panagyurishte - Cities in Bulgaria

Town of Panagyurishte, combining generous natural resources, unique heritage and rich traditions with modern infrastructure, entrepreneurial activity and economic potential. Panagyurishte is a town known since antiquity Here in 1949 was opened the world-famous Panagyurishte gold treasure, a unique monument of Thracian culture and civilization. A powerful spiritual and economic revival during the Renaissance became the center of Panagyurishte April Uprising in 1876, when the city for ten days is the capital of Bulgaria. Memorable place for every Bulgarian is the nearest place Oborishte, where in April 1876 hosted the First Bulgarian Grand National Assembly and in fact was born Bulgarian democracy and parliamentarianism.   Panagyurishte is a city - holy, who keeps...

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Koprivshtitsa - Cities in Bulgaria - 03 May 2014

Koprivshtitsa - Cities in Bulgaria

Here you will find lots of information and photos for City Museum Koprivshtitsa. Now soak in the atmosphere of this lovely place, atmosphere saturated with Bulgarian culture and folklore, and with patriotism patriotism Koprivshtitsa is one of the peaks, which measure the Bulgarian Revival. His religious broadcasts penetrate the most remote corners Bulgarian still in the dark during the Ottoman domination. Great personalities born Srednogorski this small town, people with historical instinct of historical consciousness. One could say that the greatest secret of the town has not been disclosed because it is one of the deepest depths of the Bulgarian spirit. Maybe if you call the freshness that emanates out today Srednogorovo hills and spacious, the high meadows...

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Kyustendil - Cities in Bulgaria - 27 August 2012

Kyustendil - Cities in Bulgaria

Kyustendil - one of the "eternal" city of Bulgaria. Kyustendil has a unique chance to save the messages of history in the dynamics of its development. It is one of the "eternal" city of Bulgaria. Located at the foot of "Silver" Ossogovo Mountain, at the foot of the sacred hill Hisarlaka near hot mineral springs, the city lives and acts with his allure in all ages. From ancient times it is the administrative, spiritual, medical and cultural center Archaeological findings indicate the existence of local traditions in the Neolithic / Neolithic / Chalcolithic and / Copper Age / VI-IV millennium BC The magnetic effect of the hot mineral water born famous ancient cult center - Pautalia asclepion - inherited the cult center of the Thracian tribe Denteleti.     Near...

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Kotel - Cities Of Bulgaria - 26 August 2011

Kotel - Cities Of Bulgaria

   Kotel is the cradle of the Renaissance in Bulgaria . In the picturesque valley of the river Kotleshnitsa has skulked Kotel . In the past it was rebellious and Renaissance literary center today - a significant cultural and historical city , belonging to the 100 national tourist sites. Boiler is located in eastern Bulgaria 49 km northeast of Sliven and 37 km south of the Municipality. It is the way of strategic pass in the Eastern Balkan Mountains , which significantly has set the city's history . The first written evidence for it is 1486g . Which is mentioned by the name Kazan Panara .   Local legend tells that the Kotel settled s.Novachka residents who sought a place away from the road and with good pasture . They released their horses forward, and soon discovered...

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