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Lakes of Bulgaria - 07 May 2011

Lakes of Bulgaria

The lake is a natural water pool, which is surrounded by land. Lakes in Bulgaria are located along the rivers Maritsa, Struma, Iskar, Osam River, Vit or in the Black Sea region. Depending on the situation, they fall in the East, West-, Danube and Black Sea area of water management. Rila was formed the largest glacial lake in the Balkan Peninsula - Smradlivoto lake. Deepest lake's Eye (Rila), followed by the Priest (Pirin). The largest lake in the Black Sea within Bulgaria's Varna. In Pirin has 186 lakes, all of which are glacial-Banderishki, Vasilashkite Valiavishki and lakes.     Rila are some of the most picturesque lakes. These are the Seven Lakes, Musala lakes, Urdinite lakes ...       Other famous Bulgarian...

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Rivers in Bulgaria - Natural Landmarks - 06 May 2011

Rivers in Bulgaria - Natural  Landmarks

Rivers in my country are very beautiful and picturesque in its course. They are very long and have small catchment areas. This defines our beautiful rivers like little deep. All rivers crossing the northern part of Bulgaria have high water in spring and summer, and those that flow through the south and east - are deepest in winter and early spring. To regulate the flow of rivers in Bulgaria, the country has established and maintained a little more than 2,000 dams. In its current Bulgarian rivers are aimed at both catchment basin - the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. The list of all rivers flowing into the Black Sea basin is headed by the river Iskar. The oldest of all of the Balkan Peninsula, the longest in Bulgaria. Departs from Rila, crosses another - Balkan Mountains, flows across the Danube...

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Animals And Plants - 06 May 2011

Animals And Plants

Bulgaria - a unique earthly paradise, preserved for millennia purity and the primary force of nature. Bulgaria ranks first in Europe in a variety of animal (fauna) and plants (flora) species. Rich and varied fauna of Bulgaria is inextricably linked to the rich and varied flora. It is a very important component of the natural environment. Its harmonious blending and dosing with the other components of the natural environment is an important condition for maintaining the ecological balance. Habitats and habitat necessary for the existence of many of them are located within the three national park "Pirin", "Rila", "Central Balkan" and existing reserves in the country.     Еndemic    Plant and animal species that are only...

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Waterfalls - The Wonders Of Bulgaria - Natural Landmarks - 05 May 2011

Waterfalls - The Wonders Of Bulgaria - Natural  Landmarks

No need to take trips to distant and exotic countries to see one of the wonders of nature - majestic waterfalls. Bulgaria is really little nook brings together the many beauties of nature, and strange as it sounds, within the confines of our country can be seen even the waterfalls. They will surprise you with large, uncontrollable power of the water element and worldwide fame, but will leave you speechless in front of their pristine beauty and purity. A gift from God, nestled in the forest recesses, they squander the crystal spray water drawn trail of white woven veil waiting to be found to fill the eyes and hearts of everyone touched by their beauty. Here is a small part of water tale of Bulgaria: Krushuna waterfalls. Placed by Krushuna, Lovech. Until you can reach the waterfalls built...

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Nature Reserve - 04 May 2011

Nature Reserve

Nature reserves in Bulgaria are part of the treasury of the mother - nature. They were the fraction of the country where by law are protected variety of flora and fauna and where you will be filled with pride and reverence charming beautiful scenery. "Know homeland to love it" told people and been doing. In the hectic pace of everyday life, commercial attitude towards tourism and limited financial resources do not realize what wealth actually have and how little it takes to touch him. Yes, indeed, these are areas where plants are grown and animals in danger of extinction and to which access is only by special permission. But does that mean that we should not care about and care for nature reserves in Bulgaria? With this kind of walk will once again recall the pristine corners of the...

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