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National Archaeological Museum - 16 May 2012

National Archaeological Museum

The museum is the building of Sofia - Buyuk / Grand / mosque - one of the oldest mosques. The museum building is the oldest preserved building in Sofia, which is unikalna.Postroena is initiated by Mahmud Pasha in the XV century. It is one of the Grand Vizier of Sultan Mehmet II the Conqueror. The museum is in this building since its founding in 1892 in the hall "Prehistory" of those museum exhibits tell chronologically the history of our lands from ancient times to the first written evidence of the population in these areas. Particular emphasis is placed on the rich collections of Karanovska mound and the mound near the village of Lake, Nova.   Hall "Vault" store most of treasures found here. Ekponatite here are dated between the...

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Historical Museum in Plovdiv - 15 May 2012

Historical Museum in Plovdiv

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, known for its rich history and beauty of Old Town has preserved its authentic appearance of the nineteenth century. To explore the city's past in detail, it is best to visit the Regional History Museum in Plovdiv. Historical Museum of Plovdiv is divided into four major program areas established in different years and incorporated in 1993: Section "Renaissance" Department "Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia in 1885," department "New History" museum " Hristo G. Danov "and Art Gallery. You can trace the history of Plovdiv end of XV-XVI century until today. Department "Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia in 1885"was...

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Ethnographic complex "Zlatograd" - 07 May 2012

Ethnographic complex "Zlatograd"

Ethnographic complex "Zlatograd" is open to visitors in 2001. in the old part of town. The district has preserved its Renaissance appearance and architectural reserve. The houses are 150 years old, pretty, white, round chimneys, breezy balconies. A cobblestone streets are romantic - this is the old town. Naturally it to find out ethnographic complex. Here are 9 handicraft workshops and they were restored typical crafts for the region - braiding, tailoring, weaving, saddlery, woodcarving, pottery, cutlery, gold and shoemaking. Visitors can watch craftsmen working process, and to try to develop something.   In one of the best houses in the neighborhood also houses archaeological and ethnographic museum. The café "Old Town" will prepare an...

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Museum of Totalitarian Art in Sofia - 27 August 2011

Museum of Totalitarian Art in Sofia

   After opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art in mid - June through September in Sofia will be officially opened and another museum - the totalitarian art. It will be an area of 7500 square meters and also exposure, there will be accommodated andFolklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev" and landfills pictures. Kulture Minister Rashidov explained that the Museum of totalitarian art masterpieceswill find a place for artists from the time of socialism.    This is Honey Minkov, Dalchev,Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Nayden Petkov, Prof. Ilia Petrov, Prof. Boris Gondov, these aregreat masters of the figure. According to him will come a new generation of young, clean, and it should not be deprived of the past history and its people. The Ministergave as an example of a portrait...

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Museum Of Modern Art-Sofia - 27 August 2011

Museum Of Modern Art-Sofia

With the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art is a long-standing dream come true of Bulgarian artists. Until today, Sofia was one of the few European capitalswhere there was one. It is now possible thanks to financial assistance to countries such as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, which has already invested millions ofeuros in the project and will provide two and a half million for the completion ofsgradata.Kato addition, it is shaped around the sculpture park area of about 5 acres.The open already at work on Paul Koychev Krum Damyanov Malakchiev Galin, Valentin Starchev. With an exhibition of contemporary Norwegian art "Paradigm" opened the newmuseum "Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art" Blvd "Black Peak" 2. It is known to the citizens...

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