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Sofia - Eagles Bridge, Lions Bridge, Sofia Synagogue - 17 July 2013

Sofia -  Eagles Bridge, Lions Bridge, Sofia Synagogue

Eagle Bridge is important and busy intersection and a bridge in downtown Sofia. The bridge was built over the river Perlovska. Its name comes from the bronze statue of eagle on the bridge, which are symbolic of his patrons and protectors. Located next to National Stadium Vasil Levski, the Soviet Army Monument and Central Park. After entry into Sofia Tzarigradsko easterly direction along the road, the bridge is the first intersection, thereby entering into the very center of town. The bridge was built in 1891, two years after construction of the Lion's Bridge. At that time, Sofia's chief architect Adolf Vaclav Kolar. He, along with Vaclav Proshek, design and construct two bridges. Eagle Bridge was built as a symbol of freedom, because here were first greeted prisoners at Diyarbakir,...

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Museum Of Modern Art - 22 July 2012

Museum Of Modern Art

Museum of Contemporary Art in Sofia was opened a year ago. With the opening of his long dream come true for all modern Bulgarian artists. So far no one in Sofia Museum and our capital was one of the few in Europe where there was one. Now he is already open with the assistance of countries such as Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, which has already invested millions of euros in the project and will provide two and a half million for the completion of the building. The museum is located near the famous Museum "Earth and Man." It is surrounded by large landscaped sculpture park. Outdoor already the works of contemporary Bulgarian artists. The first exhibition in the museum of contemporary art in Norway and is called "Paradigm".       ...

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National Museum "Earth and People" - 17 July 2012

National Museum "Earth and People"

National Museum "Earth and People" is located in Sofia. He is one of the largest museums in the world. The museum opened its doors on January 1, 1986, and June 19, 1987 its exhibition halls open for visitors. The museum is in the city center and is locatedin one building - a monument of culture. It was built in the late 19th vek. All tools for creating and organizing museum donations from individuals, companies and institutionsin the National Fund  "13 Centuries of Bulgaria". The museum offers visitors to examinetheir unique exhibits. You will see for yourself if you look. I...

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National Museum of Natural History in Sofia - 01 June 2012

National Museum of Natural History in Sofia

As a first and a rich museum of natural history of the Balkan Peninsula, at the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia, study, storage and dissemination of information on the animate and inanimate nature in Bulgaria and around the world. Museum exhibitions are located on four floors in 16 buildings. Here are the extinct 90 years ago, the world's Karolinska parrot missing Bulgarian monk seals, bearded vulture, bustard, gray crane Damsel, steppe viper, German sturgeon. In recent years, the exhibition includes several dioramas depicting the living world of the Arctic (polar bears and seals), Africa (black panther), Asia (Tiger) and the South American rainforest (jaguar, parrots and monkeys, marmosets).     Other large mammals have recently...

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National Museum of History - 18 May 2012

National Museum of History

One of the largest and richest historical museums on the Balkan Peninsula e National History Museum in Sofia. He kept more than 700 000 cultural monuments, which give an idea of ​​the history of the present Bulgarian lands for 8,000 years ago until today. His first exhibition was opened at the Palace of Justice in Sofia. The museum has five rooms. It stores the unique treasures from Thracian times. Here you can see the famous worldwide Panagyurishte, Rogozen, Letnitsa treasure. The medieval history of Bulgaria is represented by a collection that includes items from the era of the First (VII-XI century) and second (XII - XIV century) Bulgarian Kingdom - jewelry, coins, decorative ceramics, icons and more. In another room showing the history of Bulgarian lands...

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