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National Museum "Hristo Botev" - 06 January 2016

National Museum "Hristo Botev"

Hristo Botev National Museum is located in the hometown of the poet - Kalofer. The museum complex is located in Garden City Botev and includes several site - memorialmuseum, exhibition hall, a monument of Hristo Botev and monument Ivanka Boteva - mother of the poet. The whole complex of the museum is a cultural monument of national importance. The house museum is a replica of the house where he spent his childhood Hristo Botev.The original building was destroyed in the burning of Kalofer in 1877 but was restoredby memories of the poet's brother Kiril Botev. The house museum opened...

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Historical Museum – Pleven - 10 December 2015

Historical Museum – Pleven

Centuries-long and rich history of the town of Pleven and the settlements in outlying areas, dating back 50-45 thousand years BC. Located in a central place in the Danube Valley, the region is characterized by its rich geological past. Rediscovered paleontological findings prove the life of 70 million years ago. Since 1984. The museum is located in an impressive size with artistic and architectural and historic two-storey building - monument of national importance, built in 1884, 1888. of Italian design barracks. Exposure is located in 24 rooms with over 5000 museums, values, through which, in five sections - Archeology, Ottoman Rule and Revival, Ethnography, New and Modern History and Nature, presents the history, culture, flora and fauna of Pleven and adjoining...

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"National Gallery" "Square 500" - 27 November 2015

"National Gallery" "Square 500"

Established in Sofia National Museum Complex, which will bring together under one roof the collection of the National Art Gallery and the National Gallery for Foreign Art, got its name. According to the Special Committee, he would be called "National Gallery" "Square 500". This summer, Sofia will host the opening of the National Museum Complex, which will bring together under one roof the collection of the National Art Gallery and the National Gallery for Foreign Art. The project was initiated by the Minister of Culture Rashidov still in his first term as Prime Minister. To select the name of be the largest center of art, so-called "Bulgarian Louvre" was named national competition. "All museums have their short names, as Prado, Nate Louvre Dorsey. And we created...

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Architectural and Ethnographic Complex "Etara" - Gabrovo - 26 May 2015

Architectural and Ethnographic Complex "Etara" - Gabrovo

This is the first ethnographic museum in Bulgaria. It was opened on prez1964 The museum is situated 8 km. south of Gabrovo. His creation is the idea of ​​Lazarus Donkov. "In previous expositions could not put the viewer in direct contact with past practice. That was the reason - wrote Donkov - to be born in my mind to create an operating museum .. .. for the past can become visible, easily understandable and understanding to be able to keep our great national treasure". The museum is located 50 sites - water technical equipment, houses with craftsmen's workshops, places of public importance.       The museum exposition is napraveta so as to reveal the architecture, lifestyle and past of Gabrovo, in particular, and of Bulgaria during...

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House-Museum "Peyo Yavorov" of Chirpan - 28 October 2014

House-Museum "Peyo Yavorov" of Chirpan

House-Museum "Peyo Yavorov" is located in the central part of the town of Chirpan. He was declared a museum of 31 October 1954 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his death, and was declared a monument of architecture. Even before officially declared a museum, the house is subject to visits. In 1924, the 10th anniversary of the poet's death, his house visited Geo Milev (another great Bulgarian poet) and other artists. Because then the older sister Yavorov shone one room in the house for fans of the poet. Peyo Yavorov Chirpan born in January 1, 1878 (January 13, New Style), and lives in his own home until the age of 17. In addition to his active literary activity Sycamores known as the party of the Bulgarian national movement for the liberation of Macedonia and the Balkan...

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