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Monuments in Bulgaria - Historical Landmarks - 29 September 2014

Monuments in Bulgaria - Historical Landmarks

Viewpoint (The opinion of the administrator does not always coincide with the opinions of the author ) Immediately after 9 September 1944. in Bulgaria started intensive construction of monuments to Soviet soldiers. Along with them naroyavat and monuments of partisans and folk heroes. This program of ideological propaganda by means of monumental sculpture reached its peak in large-scale campaign in the first half of the 1980s, the celebration of the 1300th anniversary of the Bulgarian state. Since 1989, the monuments of violent clashes between supporters, they should be deleted and those who insist on maintaining them. In these battles are involved not only political parties, civic movements, but also public administrations of both Bulgaria and Russia. Ultimately monuments are left to the...

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The building of the Central Mineral Bath - Sofia-s beautiful! - 13 May 2014

The building of the Central Mineral Bath - Sofia-s  beautiful!

I stared at pictures of central Sofia bath. I made me a special trip to her and looked with new eyes. Well she is a buxom, bonny, bash Bulgarian building such a beautiful Bulgarian girl. This is not only a monument of historical value, but real national pride. For thousands of years in this place are springing hot mineral springs. From Roman times have erected public hygiene and medical baths. During the Turkish well here was bath (hamam), which comes to the mosque. And according to reports of patepitssi was remarkably extensive and well organized. This bathroom has acted in the early 20th century. Nearby was and market place. Tenfold increase in population of Sofia, however, the gradual building of a new metropolitan center of European type, the whole change in lifestyle and mentality of the...

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Swiss Guard of the Vatican - 05 May 2014

Swiss Guard of the Vatican

Do you tend to wear colorful striped pants and feathered hats If you are a man, a Catholic from Switzerland aged Are you between 19 and 30 years? Are you tall and 74 meters around? You are not married or are not otherwise bound? Have you completed basic military training and possess a certificate of good moral character? Do you have a high school diploma or other professional degree? If you say "yes" to all these requirements, you are ready to apply for a member of the Papal Swiss Guard. It is part of the official army of the Vatican. These requirements have just read are the same, ie, no change from 1506 to the present. Shtveytsarskite soldiers used mercenaries from other countries or rulers, except the Vatican. But the Swiss Government to amend its constitution in 1874, so that...

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Anniversary of the start of construction of the Panama Canal - 31 December 2013

Anniversary of the start of construction of the Panama Canal

The channel is about 100 miles long and 185 km . Connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the narrowest part of the strip of land between North and South America. Pacific coast of Panama City, impressive with its huge skyscrapers , reminiscent of the U.S. city - buildings of colossal proportions that do not expect to see in this part of the world. You can see thousands of luxury yachts. The construction of the Panama Canal began on May 4, 1904 The operation began on 15 August 1914, when it passes through the first ship . Officially opened on June 12, 1920 On November 18, 1903 in Washington signed a permanent contract between the U.S. and Panama for the construction and operation of the Panama Canal . On September 7, 1977 Jimmy Carter ( president of the United States from January...

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The palace of Qeen Maria Balchik - 29 September 2013

The palace of Qeen Maria Balchik

Mary, Queen, falls in Balchik, where in 1921 considered the domain of Prince Satmare. She chose the name or the Quiet Nest "Tenha maverick." The palace was built in three years of a project by two architects Augustino and Amerigo Italians. It was completed in 1927. Its parks, which are very beautiful, designed by Jun Jany. But when Federer died before they finished, it makes another Swiss - Gutman. Creator of the church in the Palace is Dennis Gaetano. Under the chapel on the south side of the first terrace, built still stands a commemorative plaque for appreciation: "In memory of Dennis Gaetano, my trusted assistant, built from the ground there. May 14 , 1930. Maria" What is striking in the Palace is the various religious subjects, architectural composition, mythological. Among...

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