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Englishman bought land on the Black Sea for a penny - 03 May 2015

Englishman bought land on the Black Sea for a penny

I read a story and decided to tell it to you. Englishman Luc Sial acquired the property on Bulgarian Black Sea coast for the sum of one penny equals one cent. What would you have done one cent or one British penny? Most of you would answer that with two cents can buy absolutely nishto.Tova is not quite right. This amount and the incredible entrepreneurial been sufficient to Englishman Luke Sial to acquire a small property on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. 27-year-old Englishman from Brighton worked as a gardener, but many would like to engage in entrepreneurship. New Year's decided to buy a gift priyatel.Imal himself a penny, which is slightly more than two cents, which he bought from the nearest pet shop three goldfish. Later it turned out that his friend had no place to...

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Eternal City - 21 April 2015

Eternal City

Rome can be called the Eternal City, but every year on April 21 the Romans celebrated the birthday of their grandiose city. Il Natale di Roma, or the birth of Rome is a special time of the year. Then are the celebrations in honor of the glorious history of the city. Rome is a city where ancient and modern coexist in harmony, but on April 21 the rich ancient past of the city turns into a life with parades and historical reenactments of key scenes from Roman history and celebrations that take place throughout the city.     Few cities can boast a history as a legendary Rome, founded on 21 April 753 BC. The date comes to us from the ancient Roman historian Marcus Terentius Varro, who wrote in the first century after Christ's birth of Rome. But the real story begins...

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Yerusalimovo - 12 April 2015


Did you know that the only village in the whole of Europe under the name "Yerusalimovo" is located in Bulgaria? There are four places in the world that are associated with the name of the holy city of Jerusalem. These are mere Jerusalem Bulgarian Yerusalimovo New Jerusalem and cities in the United States and Russia. City Hall Yerusalimovo home is located on "Palestine." The villagers are proud to have Jerusalemites. 61-year-old Bai Good says that Turkish people from the village went to Jerusalem and became pilgrims. After the liberation of the village people here decided to name it Yerusalimovo. Kept him from the demands of the socialist government to give him the name "Kamenica". The village, nestled in the Sakar Mountain, 160 people live today. Will not disappear,...

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1000 reasons to be proud that we Bulgarians - 04 March 2015

1000 reasons to be proud that we Bulgarians

Did you read the book "1000 reasons to be proud of being Bulgarians?" Not? Cannot find it? No it into bookstores. Exhausted is because it was issued in 2008. What's in its 328 pages? My  Bulgaria. Close your eyes and feel the fragrance of roses, hear Rhodope bagpipes, mountain embraces me with caresses, remember their father's house ... I alone choose.Bulgaria Is there a place in my heart or not. What do I feel - love or something else. I have chosen. My Bulgaria. This is just one of my stories.  Here are some reasons to be proud that we were Bulgarians from the book: Three Bulgarian IT companies make software for new models of BMW. Firms are employed by "Softlab" - the company that serves the...

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What We Were, Who We Are And What We Can Be? - 03 March 2015

What We Were, Who We Are And What We Can Be?

What we were, who we are and what we can be? I'll take you on a little lake. It is 350 km south of Sofia. Geographically the lake belongs to the Aegean lakes. Divided almost equally between Macedonia and Greece. His name is Doiran. Doiran resembles the shape of an eye. But this eye has seen quite a lot. Low rolling featureless plains around Doiran are like peak in the history of Bulgarian glory. As our Everest. Anyone that talks look at these low fields should know that here lie Bulgarian bones. Here are the bones of young Dimcho Debelyanov, a remarkable poet who died shot in the abdomen. This land is fields with many Bulgarian blood. This has led a truly spectacular battle. Were fighting the biggest challenge that has faced our small country. Acted against her army of 350 thousand and...

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