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Parable of the daughter in law and mother in law - 26 December 2014

Parable of the daughter in law and mother in law

Long, long ago lived in a village girl. In ancient Slavic custom, after her wedding, she went to live in the home of her husband. But the young snahichka and was very uncomfortable with the mother in law. She constantly being taught and blamed for everything. Once one morning the young woman drove to the end of the forest, where he lived an old-aged grandfather. - What has led me, girl? Do not you want me to find a husband? asked grandfather. - No one I need, I have a man and I love him, but I can not live with his mother. What do you want from me? Please help me. Give me poison to poison. - On this you will build your happiness, my child? Well, well. I feel sorry for you. I will give you a potion. Each morning, boil it and give it to the mother of your husband. Only I have...

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Waiting for Christmas - 27 November 2014

Waiting for Christmas

They say that the best part of Christmas is expecting it to come. The whole look, preparation, decorations, cards, gifts is as exciting as the holiday itself. In children's eyes, and in our Christmas must be magic. These are those moments when everything is special and surrounded by subdued magic. In a Christmas card as these can make a long December even more intriguing, presenting it as a perpetual adventure. Be with people who love you and love. No excuses. With heart.               Only a few days ago I bought this toy for the Christmas tree. This year, for the first time, we celebrated many holidays together all name days, anniversaries, birthdays ... Together we could not enjoy the baby, he heard his first syllables, saw the...

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Wheat Bread - 08 November 2014

Wheat Bread

We started to write a new story ... or rather continued to write from childhood to us now for our yearning for nature. The place is Bulgaria, the paper is the life and the ink are those neividmi longings of the soul Bulgarian, which outlines the way the natural world. Today, all tell tale of cake. Once upon a time, a grandfather and a grandmother. Doyalo once grandfather cake and said: -Babo Roasted my cake! Knead grandmother bread, and a little tour and Cheese masaltse. OPEC in January Become delicious more delicious! Left it on the window to cool. Direct cake, constantly, pa rolled by - from the window into the yard, and the yard - on the road ... Rolling bread on the road and meeting and Rabbit Bayeux comes word: -Pitke Will eat you! • Do not eat me, Rabbit...

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National Ballet of Georgia "Suhishvili" - 04 November 2014

National Ballet of Georgia "Suhishvili"

 National wealth Georgian ensemble "Suhishvili" was created back in 1945. For 65 years the formation makes 300 tours exported over 10,000 concerts in 88 countries on five continents, and the audience, visited concerts exceeds an impressive 50 million people. in 1967 "Suhishvili" set a record in the "La Scala", which remains unprecedented in the history of the hall the audience called for an encore dancers for 14 times. in 1988, the dance program of the formation is declared at best show on Broadway. "Suhishvili" are invited for concerts in the largest and most prestigious concert halls and theaters around the world, only some of them are: "Bolshoi Theatre" (Moscow), Theatre "La Scala" (Milan), Royal Albert Hall "(London),...

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Localities in Austria - 30 September 2014

Localities in Austria

Austria is surrounded on all sides by land. The country borders with Italy and Slovenia in the south, with the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Liechtenstein and Switzerland to the west and Hungary and Slovakia to the east. Vienna - architectural jewel of Europe, the capital of Austria and the capital of classical music. It draws its architecture, which can be traced all the styles from Gothic to postmodernism Renaissance. In this city, incredibly fit starinnye architectural buildings and modern concrete structures.     Salzburg - it's a great city, which is located in western Austria. Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria. The picturesque old town is recognized as a world cultural heritage palaces, churches, castles - dominate the picture...

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