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Phoenicians - 07 February 2015


Sometimes I get angry with the Phoenicians. Why? Because invented Phoenician characters - money. How problems of humanity have created you! In our busy lives and need to kites as Phoenicians. A large and were masters of wine. Old legend says that once to hut Phoenician shepherd teenager approached him and asked for shelter. The pastor put it into lady. Fed him and gave him water to drink. To repay his youth pastor drew a drink that was red. This is the blood of grapes, explained the guest. Probably guessed that the youth was the god of wine, Dionysus. He learned to make wine Phoenicians. Phoenicia sun shines seven months of the year. Thence depart amphorae of wine to all the countries of the Mediterranean region. But the ancient Romans thought Phoenician wine for the best in the world. The...

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Golden Treasure of Valchitran - 10 January 2015

Golden Treasure of Valchitran

Golden Treasure of Valchitran belongs to the most valuable and interesting objects from the collections of the Archaeological Museum in Sofia. Found by chance on December 28, 1924 two brothers Todor and Nikola Tsvetanov Valchitran the village, Pleven worked in his field and found a treasure. Thanks to Costa Zlatarev goldsmith and swift intervention of public authorities in Pleven treasure was saved from destruction and plunder. Treasure Valchitran consists of 13 gold objects with total weight of 12.425 kg. The objects of the treasure can be distributed to the following four types: 1) a large pot with two handles; 2) one large and three small cups with a handle; 3) two large and five smaller discs  4) a court of three triple semi ovoid  forms interconnected.  At...

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Balance - 30 December 2014


As each birthday, move to another location or starting a new job, and the advent of next year outlines a new stage of our lives. It is only natural to look back and see how the past year has passed, what we have experienced, what we have managed to do if we have planned certain things, and what we have achieved as a whole. I always found it interesting to cast a glance over his shoulder to make certain findings and conclusions that will be useful to me in writing my new goals, plans and desires. Many people will say they do not like to look back or to meet face to face past mistakes, it is better to forget what it was and move on. But without adequate analysis future points will be adequate and realistic. And if it is better, if we recall the events and activities throughout the year even to...

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Parable of the daughter in law and mother in law - 26 December 2014

Parable of the daughter in law and mother in law

Long, long ago lived in a village girl. In ancient Slavic custom, after her wedding, she went to live in the home of her husband. But the young snahichka and was very uncomfortable with the mother in law. She constantly being taught and blamed for everything. Once one morning the young woman drove to the end of the forest, where he lived an old-aged grandfather. - What has led me, girl? Do not you want me to find a husband? asked grandfather. - No one I need, I have a man and I love him, but I can not live with his mother. What do you want from me? Please help me. Give me poison to poison. - On this you will build your happiness, my child? Well, well. I feel sorry for you. I will give you a potion. Each morning, boil it and give it to the mother of your husband. Only I have...

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Waiting for Christmas - 27 November 2014

Waiting for Christmas

They say that the best part of Christmas is expecting it to come. The whole look, preparation, decorations, cards, gifts is as exciting as the holiday itself. In children's eyes, and in our Christmas must be magic. These are those moments when everything is special and surrounded by subdued magic. In a Christmas card as these can make a long December even more intriguing, presenting it as a perpetual adventure. Be with people who love you and love. No excuses. With heart.               Only a few days ago I bought this toy for the Christmas tree. This year, for the first time, we celebrated many holidays together all name days, anniversaries, birthdays ... Together we could not enjoy the baby, he heard his first syllables, saw the...

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