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Castle "In love In The Wind" - 04 October 2015

Castle "In love In The Wind"

Some define it as 'full kitsch'. Others keep their children there to see the "real castle". This palace near the village Ravadinovo already acquired almost finished. Even has become in one of the tourist attractions in the Black Sea. Construction was started 13 years ago. Close to the village Ravadinovo adjacent to Sozopol. This building is absolutely typical of the Black Sea region and for the country to talk about. It stops the eyes of anyone who is moving on the main road on the south coast. Dozens of people drop by to see what kind of miracle is this, and some travel agencies do tours to the castle for guests. Four towers, arches and pools, a lake with swans, arches, walls and ceilings with amethyst and gold leaf ... and over 19,000 tons stones.     Stone...

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Happy Holidays! The independence of Bulgaria! - 22 September 2015

Happy Holidays! The independence of Bulgaria!

Convicted people - the fate of a people and the freedom - of use. Do you feel independent people an independent country? In independent Bulgaria? No, the idea of ​​independence is something great, something that serves our identity, because this world is full of interconnections and interdependencies that are compelling. The idea of ​​independence is non-regulatory. The idea of ​​independence stands beyond the reach of reality. That is, people should be free to choose its dependencies. Whether Bulgarian politicians pretend to be actors or want to be actors? This is certainly acting profession in 30 percent of the essence. Because all the backroom games they should be hidden and known as people with clean background. Actors have! It is quite vulgar because people who are not so obvious...

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Little-known story about the independence of Bulgaria - 22 September 2015

Little-known story about the independence of Bulgaria

Will now tell you a story about the independence of Bulgaria, which is little known . At first glance seem insignificant , but it shows what a national honor and clever diplomacy. The story is about pilaf . What is pilaf ? Pilaf is a very tasty dish of rice and oil. The independence of Bulgaria is a delicious pilaf . What is this? In 1908 Bulgaria feels strong enough to declare its independence from the Ottoman Empire. Industry and commerce evolved rapidly , the army become the strongest army in the Balkans. Prince Ferdinand and the Government seek occasion to declare independence from the Sultan. At that time ambassador in Istanbul was a very experienced diplomat and a rich man Ivan Evstatiev Geshov . On 30 August the Ottoman Empire celebrated the birthday of His Majesty the Sultan and this...

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History With Two Bonsai And More ... - 03 August 2015

History With Two Bonsai And More ...

I have two Bonsai - the elder was a gift to my husband, younger - my ... When I gave bonsai second and put it up first, not long after he dropped a twig - as a helping hand to the bigger your buddy. .. I left this branch to grow and so the two trees are connected. So embracing lived almost two years. This winter caught a heavy flu and a few days I could not get out of bed ... At the same time, sick and small bonsai. Maybe we forgot to water it (one week I was not myself), but I had a feeling that he took the "negative energy" and died for me ... ball ... dried up petals from slipping, there were only a few - and they dry but green in color - in the branch, which embraced large bonsai ...After a week and a great start to dry ... watering it regularly, I held it in moderate light,...

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"Dear Mom and Dad ....." - 24 June 2015

"Dear Mom and Dad ....."

Today I received a fascinating letter and did not hesitate to share it with you, my friends. "Dear Mom and Dad, it is time to take your son in his own way, to create their own family. After a long relationship, confidence in the eternity of my love and wanting to share with someone your future, I took one of the most important decisions in your life - to marry the woman I love. Please, as always, to share this important moment of our lives. Be to me the day that I will acquire a wife, and you - a daughter. And let us continue to meet the future challenges together our two families. We invite you to be our special guest at our wedding ceremony on 21 August 2011. Among the cups songs and dances have some fun in the morning! With much love and gratitude: Annie and Nasko"  

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