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Aylantus, "Tree Of Heaven" - 15 November 2015

Aylantus, "Tree Of Heaven"

Aylantus is known as the "tree of heaven", or literally "bad mirisheshtio tree." It was born in the northeastern and central China and Taiwan. Unlike other such Ailanthus, thrives in temperate climates rather than the tropics. The tree grows rapidly and is able to reach a height of 15 meters. In China, the "tree of heaven" has a long and rich history. It was mentioned in the oldest existing Chinese dictionary and listed in countless Chinese medical texts for its purported ability to cure ailments ranging from mental baldness. Aylantus was initially hailed as a beautiful copy for every garden. But enthusiasm for it is rather weak after gardeners feel its bad smell. However, aylantusat is widely used as a street tree during much of the 19th century. Outside Europe...

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Berlin Wall - 09 November 2015

Berlin Wall

Germany in 1989 - a country divided into two, each is plagued by economic problems. The western part has become the "sick man of Europe" because of the refusal of Helmut Kohl to hold painful reforms and continuing indebtedness. And the eastern part of a de facto bankrupt economic bloc. Surprisingly both sides of the November 9, 1989 is a free movement of citizens and the East just hours later they literally collapsed wall erected between them in Berlin 28 years ago. Preparations for the opening of the border actually begins in October. 29 Mayor Walter Momper zapadnoberlinskiyat meeting with the head of sotspartiyata Berlin Gunter Schabowski and an eastern counterpart Erhard Leg. The three agree opening of border crossings in December. So long conversation after East Germany occupied...

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Leshten - an ancient village with unique architecture - 22 October 2015

Leshten - an ancient village with unique architecture

Some time ago, for my birthday, I received an unexpected gift for me. From my two granddaughters. The message was: "With this camera, my dear Grandma, I wish to travel more. "Now I said Ha. You'll have to do something. And here it is now the end of March, is dark and windy, and I already feel the desire to walk in the sun in nature. And for a little adventure. The decision was made, charging the car and go. We choose the direction of the south, hoping to escape the gray clouds. South to the area of Gotse Delchev. Nearby is the town spa Ognyanovo and ethnographic Leshten. We took the roundabout way to Gotse Delchev who seemed forgotten by people just lacked any movement. But this time it is very well maintained. Passage through the gorge of the river, surrounded by stunning limestone...

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Chapel "St. Petka" in Tran - 14 October 2015

Chapel "St. Petka" in Tran

Legend: "The sun was setting behind the hills, Petka wait until dark and quite down to the river to pour a little water into the gourd, and returned to the cave authorization few embers in the fireplace and began to knead bread - had not eaten for several days. .. Soon the smell of fresh bread filled the cave's house and smoke coming out not because of the secret vent in the rock. Petka warmly thanked God for the dinner with which he is endowed, broke off a piece of bread and began to eat ... January troubled human din and clatter of hooves, looked through the bushes hiding the entrance of the cave and saw the disbelievers, which ran for so many years. Home quickly coma, which they began was in bundle with flour, her constant companion, and disappeared into the rock. Not long...

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Discreetly concealing the truth - 13 October 2015

Discreetly concealing  the truth

The appearance and the years have not in combination. Speaking of the years have hidden meaning. When asked what was the reason for the concealment of the truth, shrug, as if this is something that is expected. Among the issues that irritate young children is how to say and even more how old they are. Wonderful kids know the answers. They will utter his name with pride, as if they were at least masters of this planet. As regards the age - it is, there is little problem. With relish will show you with fingers of how many, but will gladly add another finger. As if this year gives them maturity, independence, strength, proving that kids are great - hardly not have the right to obtain an identity card. Later the years pass unnoticeably after another ... With the kids growing up and changing their...

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