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Forgiveness. For Bulgaria and Bulgarians - 13 March 2016

Forgiveness. For Bulgaria and Bulgarians

Cemetery. The place where the glory begins and ends. The grave of a Bulgarian hero. Typical Bulgarian hero, cursed, praised rises. The grave of the founder of the Bulgarian Army. Commander of the army during the Balkan Wars, the hero of Slivnitsa General Mikhail Savov. The only grave in Bulgaria, facing south. So wished himself General Savov. South to Macedonia nesbadnat to our national ideal. What was this guy who asked such a thing? What were our heroes like him? Why do they believe in the cause as "Unity" and "Unification", and we do not? For those of our heroes want to tell you. I'll try to tell you about the great Bulgarian battles. Because the worst thing in the world war, in a strange way nakakav reveals most brilliant and bright national human qualities. War...

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Choir Turetski - 02 February 2016

Choir Turetski

Choir Turetski (art group) f band under the direction of Emeritus Artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Turetski. In 1989, a graduate of the Russian Academy of Music. Michael Turetski was sent to organize the male choir Moskvskata synagogue. First rehearsal of the people was held in September 1989 and the first public performance - in the spring of 1990. The first tour took place in Kaliningrad and Tallinn. In the same year performed concerts in Leningrad (the Great Hall of the Conservatory) and Moscow (in the synagogue). In 1991 the band was on tour in France and the United Kingdom. The choir sings under the name "Evreysi Chamber Choir." Show people in the synagogue in Jerusalem showed that the choir is insufficient repertoire, but it sounds much better than this...

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The Month Of Love And Wine - 01 February 2016

The Month Of Love And Wine

If love had a month in the year, he would be in February. And if it were wine, love would surely combines tenderness with exoticism. And you know, Krum, except that he was an enemy of wine drinkers will remain in the history of wine and a good deed. He is the godfather of grapes Mavrud.Tova say growers of this part of Bulgaria, where is heaven on this most Bulgarian variety. There is a tradition that when the great ruler understood, drunkenness that leads to destruction of the state, ordered to be eradicated all vineyards. A woman named Ilia however preserved fruits of his vineyard. Made him risk his life, because anyone with whom the servants of the inn found grapes or wine, was put to death impaled. Time passed and one day Ilia surprised found that inadvertently made wine. Cruel cold, famine...

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The bottom of the memory - 26 December 2015

The bottom of the memory

In the box with my toys for Christmas tree, just at the bottom, wrapped in an old wrapping paper, sits a very special panerche ... There are several painted in silver cones, a few nuts, wrapped in colorful foil, and three or four bells cut from bottom of a box for sweets ... These are the toys of our poverty ... toys of the 90s when our children were small and had to prepare their Christmas tree and the money is hardly enough for bread ... and doing your own decorations - as we can and as we ... We were inventive - almost like magicians! Is it because we were young and our children - infants and unpretentious, whether because we had not yet seen "firsthand" how people live around the world - do not know, but at such times forgot about money and the problems of fun and I sincerely...

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Happy Christmas! - 26 December 2015

Happy Christmas!

On today's bright day, I want to share with you this beautiful parable. Once upon a time, in one possession, one family. A large family of 100 people gathered there. This family was special: no hassles, no insults, no divisions and quarrels. Got word of this family and to himself ruler. And he decided to check the truth you speak people. Arrived in the village, and his soul rejoiced: cleanliness and order, peace and tranquility. Good kids, calm adult. Astonished, the ruler wanted to understand how it came into the possession of this harmony and friendly relations that family. Went to the oldest member and said: Tell me your story. Wrote something on paper and filed an older man leaves the ruler. The paper were written three words: "Love, forgiveness, patience," Is...

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