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Hedge - 28 September 2016


In a recent trip to Scotland, happened to pass along incredible hedges, which are set on the main road. This hedge was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as "the most high hedges in the world" - 30 meters, a length of 530 meters. Hedge consists of an unknown number of trees Beech. According to local sources this hedges trimmed at the top and re-measured every 10 years, this work is carried out by four men for 6 weeks. The trees were planted in 1745 and now officially recognized in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest hedge in the world. According to local legend has two stories, a little different, how these unknown number of beech trees have grown so high. The first story tells that Jane and her husband Robert Murray planted trees in 1745 along the eastern border...

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Monument to the Soviet Army - 09 September 2016

Monument to the Soviet Army

Located in Sofia, in Central Park, formerly known as Freedom Park. Monument in honor of the Soviet Red Army. Built in 1954, ten years after the Ninth of September 1944 coup Today the monument is hotly debated regarding its meaning, purpose and future. After 2011 he became the subject of several shares of political art, most often as an expression of protest against the policy of the former Soviet Union and contemporary Russia. On October 4, 1949, dominated by the Bulgarian Communist Party, the Council of Ministers chaired by Vasil Kolarov, adopt a decision for a monument of the Soviet Army. The first sod of the future monument is made of 5 July 1952, and the opening in 1954 attended by the Soviet Marshal Sergei Biryuzov.     The monument was created by a team whose...

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Remember who we are and where we are! - 02 June 2016

Remember who we are and where we are!

In 1876 on May 17 (old style) Hristo Botev's detachment stopped the ship "Radetzky" the river bank and went to Vratsa Balkan. Guerrillas are organized by poet and revolutionary in support of the April Uprising. After heavy fighting detachment was defeated. This is done on May 20 and are fighting with the regular Turkish army, Circassians and Bashi. New Style is June 2. To cross the Danube on May 16 (old style) rebels from different Romanian ports divided into several groups, as ordinary passengers boarded the Austrian steamship "Radetzky". Live is reserved mention is the dramatic moment when Hristo Botev urging the captain of the steamer - Dagobert Englender stop in the Bulgarian village NPP (Oryahovsko). Romantic poet presents a written ultimatum to the French. From...

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Hristo Botev and grains - Tradition - 02 June 2016

Hristo Botev and grains - Tradition

When I went through his detachment told me a strange legenda. Chuh it from an elderly peasant, scorched by the sun and wrinkled by years party, large eyes and strong hands. In the pocket of his jacket Hristo Botev worn not only notebook with latest notes and plan battles, but a handful of grains. He knew he that shall come to pass his prayer to fall defeated in battle. He knew he clairvoyant that will be revered his memory of this nation of ploughmen, and said: "Where fall - there will sow the seed. Stone to happen - I will grow. Without water it is - my blood soaked them. And they will grow. They will know where I died. " So people learned where he had fallen hero. This tale of Hristo Botev is the fruit of love and gratitude of the Bulgarian people to the heroes.

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For the only monument in Europe "Book" in Sofia - 24 May 2016

For the only monument in Europe "Book" in Sofia

Before the University of Library and Information Technology (SILSIT) in Sofia stands amonument netraditsionnen. Only in Europe. This is a memorial "Book". I heard about it.But something bothered me. I asked myself: "When erecting a monument?". And, of course, answer was - when we buried someone. I went to see it, is really great! I understand that this monument is an idea of the rector of this university professor StoyanDenchev and is open 24 may.Togava realized that the memorial is not here to remind us of vanishing book, but to bow to what it...

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