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Mazzola gorge - Czech Republic - 03 January 2013

Mazzola gorge - Czech Republic

This story is my story of my friends who decide to prerezkazha. A story about the beautiful scenery of Moravian Karst, with many caves, valleys and no exit underground rivers. Only four of more than a thousand caves in the Moravian Karst authorized for tourists. There's a wonderful place - gorge Mazzola. It is very near the city of Brno. Mazzola gorge was formed by the collapse of the roof of one of the caves of the Moravian Karst. He impressed me the legend of the origin of the name gap. Mazzola in Czech means "stepmother". Once there was a father with his son. His father was a widower, but he remarried and his second wife bore a child. She hated that her step-son, I decided to get rid of him, cast him into the abyss. But the child became entangled in the trees. Men - loggers...

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Architectural Reserve Old Stefanovo - 23 November 2012

Architectural Reserve Old Stefanovo

The Architectural Reserve Old Stefanovo is located 20 kilometers from the city Lovech. There are more than 100 cultural monuments dating back to the beginning and middle of the XIX century first name of the village is Isvote. This is his first name is mentioned in chronicles in 1515. This proves the Old Bulgarian origin of the village, which is one of the most - oldest villages in Lovech region. Old Stefanovo trying to preserve and wait for a better future, although it is an architectural monument more than 20 years. Restored to more homes and also show all their beauty. Recently renovated church in the village, but unfortunately you can not light a candle in it. You can not ask this old temple and at the same time enjoy its beautiful murals. The monastery was closed. You'll only see the...

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Panagyurishte treasure - 16 September 2012

Panagyurishte treasure

In the cold morning of December 8, 1949 three brothers - Pavel, Petko and Michail Deykova work together in the area of ​​the tile factory "Merul" near Panagyurishte. There, one of the brothers in the crumbly clay noticeable flicker. Thus, the court found nine of Panagyurishte treasure. They are made of pure gold, and their combined weight is less than 6 kg. The largest court amphora - rhyton has seven small rhyton - 3 in the form of animal heads, three shaped Amazons and one wallet-shaped goat. The last court phial. From the inscription on phiale judge that are made in the city Lapsakos the Dardanelles. Treasure is dated III century BC. Historians suggest that the vessels were part of a religious ritual. They spilled wine. It is considered that they were intended for ritual purification...

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Arena Armeec Sofia - Biggest Sports Hallin Bulgaria - 26 July 2012

Arena Armeec Sofia  - Biggest Sports Hallin Bulgaria

On July 20, 2011 by 13 hours was officially opened and announced the name of the hall - Arena Armeec Sofia. After a year and eight months of work the first representative multipurpose hall in Bulgaria is already happening. The new facility is fully completed, which means that it can hold events. Hall capacity is 12 thousand to 18 thousand sports and people for concerts. Arena Armeec Sofia enables a whole new level in organization of competitions of the highest rank. Household already received one of the biggest events in world women's tennis - tournament champions of the WTA, or so-called small "Masters" finals of FIVB World League in 2012 World Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Main function of Arena Armeec Sofia is to provide the Bulgarian athletes the best conditions for development...

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Nature Reserve "Kazanite" - 18 June 2012

Nature Reserve "Kazanite"

Nature reserves in Bulgaria is around 60. You seem to have more, but this is where the count and managed reserves, national parks, natural parks and protected areas. So different notions, united by a common goal - the conservation of natural resources, among which we are happy to live. No matter which of nature reserves in Bulgaria you choose, anywhere you expect remarkable natural "miracles." Nature Reserve "Kazanite" Nature Reserve "Kazanite" is located in the village of Mugla which is 25 km from Smolyan. Reserve "Kazanite" an area of ​​161 hectares. Created in 1968 to preserve the unique nature in this magnificent corner of the Rhodopes. For centuries have been preserved and mixed forests of beech, fir, spruce, pine and others. Nature Reserve...

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