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Victory Day - Europe Day - 09 May 2017

Victory Day - Europe Day

On May 9, 1945 was signed the capitulation of Germany. Graduated from World War II. It involved 61 countries and is directly affected almost 80% of the population. Military operations are conducted in the territories of 40 countries. Almost 57 million people were killed. Black and orange Georgievski bar appears as a symbol of the holiday in 2005 in Russia, and a replica of Georgievski order established in the 18th century gradually to action "Georgievski tape" join in Israel, USA, Canada, in many cities Europe. Reverence and gratitude to veteranite World War II and to those who died for the liberation of Europe and the world!   Moscow Victory Parade of 2016                   Along...

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Random Acts of Kindness Day - 17 February 2017

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Activists from international charities launched a few years ago a new initiative. It is the "Day of spontaneous acts of kindness (Random Acts of Kindness Day). February 17. On this day, we are all called to be kinder, better, more selfless. No matter what of what nationality we are, what religious beliefs we have or what our ethnic background. Not expect the same in return. To understand the significance of this day, it is a celebration of particular importance, let us realize what true dobrota. Every good deed we do to our pleasure from the fact that helping others. Usually we are indifferent to the problems of others for various reasons - fatigue, stress, busy day. But suddenly, that we ourselves sometimes need help. From someone's outstretched hand. Then we want someone to support...

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On December 11 we celebrate the International Day of Tango - 11 December 2016

On December 11 we celebrate the International Day of Tango

"Tango is a dance of passion. Dance of sadness. Dance of tender love. Tango is not just a collection of dance pieces - it's a long story, telling about suffering and joy ofmeeting and parting, of passion and tenderness. Tango is a state of the spirit. "  (Julio Boca - the best dancer of the Tango) On December 11 we celebrate the International Day of Tango. The reason forchoosing this particular date is the birthday of two of the most famous personalities in the history of this sensual dance - singer and composer Carlos Gardel and the...

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Celebration of the Christian family - the Blessed Virgin - 21 November 2016

Celebration of the Christian family - the Blessed Virgin

Introduction of Mary in the temple is one of the great feasts. It is dedicated to bringing the Virgin Mary by her parents to the Temple in Jerusalem and dedication to God. The parents of Mary, Joachim and Anna, decided to implement given their earlier vow to devote to God. When they are three years old they are heading to Jerusalem. Her friends and peers accompanying it with lighted candles. In front of the temple welcomed them priests, led by the high priest. Maria climbed three year alone fifteenth steep steps to the entrance. There was greeted by the high priest, who bless her, as always done with all the holy God. Then, at the suggestion of the Holy Spirit, in January entered the Holy of Holies. This is the most holy place in the temple. There is no right to enter anyone except the high...

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Saint Mina - 11 November 2016

Saint Mina

On November 11, we honor Saint Mina as a protector of the family. Its name means "moon, moon." Known Miracle Worker, protector of orphans and the homeless. Saint Mina is considered the patron and protector of all healers, healers, warriors and people taking a long time. Saint Mina and protect women, so on this day they pray before the icon of the saint for their children's health, happiness and prosperity for the home. Saint Mina was a soldier in Egypt. Faith after torture was beheaded in 296 years under Diocletian and Maximian. He professed Christian faith and served in the army located in Kotuanskata area under the command of captain Firmilian. At this time in Rome reigned together two wicked kings Diocletian and Maximian (284-305 years). They issued a decree to be submitted...

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