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"July Morning" - 01 July 2018

"July Morning"

The year is 1980, the site - south beach in Varna, the participants - four or five people and the idea was late Violin Stankovic. In the fall of most of us were about to enter the army, and this was our last carefree summer. We estestvenno use it at full speed with little sleep and lots of shenanigans. It all happened by chance and without any preparation, just Willy said: Hey do you want to spend a night on the beach and watch the sunrise in the morning? FOR Estestvenno were all so it all began. Then we said we would do well to gather each summer to this day. From 1980 to 1983 we had no opportunity to not only collect but also to see because we sent troops to different parts of the country to guard against "bad imperialists who only waited a convenient time for us to conquer and enslave...

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International Day Of Friendship - 09 June 2018

International Day Of Friendship

For the first time in 2011 to celebrate the International Day of Friendship, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly.    Resolution 65/275 passed on April 27, 2011 by the General Assembly have high hopes for the young generation. International Day of Friendship is an initiative of young people around the world, future state leaders, scientists, artists, to lend a hand this holiday and to put aside any differences to better understanding between people.         Day friendship fits the initiative of the United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the sake of the children of the world / 2001 - 2010 years /          World Organisation called on this day all governments...

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Saints Constantine and Helena - 21 May 2018

Saints Constantine and Helena

 Orthodox Church celebrates Holy Saints Constantine and Helena. On this occasion, in all dioceses of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates Holy Mass celebration. Temple feast day of Saints Constantine and Helena Saints celebrated the diocesan monastery "St. St. Konstantin and Elena ", the name given to the famous resort near Varna. On this occasion, with the blessing of His Eminence Varna and Veliki Preslav Bishop Cyril, diocesan brotherhood of monastery "St. St. Konstantin and Elena "properly organized annually chestvane. The celebration is in memory of Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena. In 313, Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, which introduced Christianity as the official religion in Byzantium. He accepted the Christian faith at the end of his...

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St. Apostles Cyril and Methodius - 11 May 2018

St. Apostles Cyril and Methodius

Slavic apostles - the brothers Cyril and Methodius, were canonized as saints of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. The name of Cyril is called created later script that became the basis of all Slavic languages ​​- "Cyrillic". They were canonized as saints for the translation and promotion of the most necessary for religious worship books of Old Slavonic language and the spread of Christianity among the Slavs. Apostles are considered. Orthodox Christian Church honors them as one of the Seven Saints.       St. Methodius was the elder brother and was born in 810 years, and Sv. Konstantin was born in 827 and until the end of his life took the name Cyril. In 862 or 863 Cyril created the first Bulgarian alphabet - the Glagolitic. Original creative work, the...

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Tarnovo Constitution - 16 April 2018

Tarnovo Constitution

Tarnovo Constitution of 1879 was adopted in the city of Tarnovo (now Veliko Tarnovo) on April 16, 1879, by the Constituent Assembly of Bulgaria after the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. Turnovo Constitution was created to ensure equality before the law for all citizens, eliminating the division of society and gives extended suffrage to all male citizens aged 21 years old. It also ensures municipal autonomy, freedom of the press, and privacy and ownership, it made provisions for compulsory, free primary education. In the distribution of the powers of the state constitution establishes lines unicameral National Assembly, making draft laws, approve the state budget and adopt other popular acts. It consists of twice as many MPs to elect a Prince, if there is no heir to the dynasty, and...

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