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Battles of Shipka - 21 August 2018

Battles of Shipka

21 to 23 August 1877 years - three-day battles of Shipka! The highest points of the Shipka Pass - Mount Saint Nicholas (now Stoletov) vertices and Brian Eagle Nest. Fighting strength between 40,000 army of Suleiman Pasha and General Stoletov squad, which has 6,000 Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers. The story of the Shipka battles is the history of Bulgarian spirit. Much can be said and read about the strategy of military fights and the positions and relationships of power, plans and decisions palkovodstvoto. The heroism of the Bulgarian volunteers is the beginning of the creation of the glorious Bulgarian army, which in many subsequent battles managed to secure the unification of Bulgaria, to assert its independence and now its accession as a worthy member of the family of European...

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Transfiguration of the Lord - 06 August 2018

Transfiguration of the Lord

Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord is celebrated on 6 August. On this day is sanctified grapes from the new harvest, and where it is grown apples are sanctified, then they can now eat. Sanctification occurs at the end of the festive liturgy. Feast of the Transfiguration is selected for the blessing of fruit. In Jerusalem at that time is now ripe grapes, which actually should be hallow this day. On this day ripened fruits and vegetables are imported into the church consecration and only then they can eat. Of Transfiguration begins the harvest of summer grain. For the holiday in many regions are held fairs and folk festivals. Days reduced because the sun turns his back and walks summer to winter.

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International Day Of Beer - 05 August 2018

International Day Of Beer

International Day of beer .... !!! How many stories do you know about alcohol athleticism and adventure of Americans, Spaniards, Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians ?. To this day, August 5, at the most alcohol day of friendship between peoples, we can see which is the most durable. More beer, sea of ​​competitions and the sea of ​​new acquaintances! Are conducted auctions, contests, beer "ping - pong" ... Friends, do not miss the opportunity to attend and participate in whatever it was, but a memorable beer party! Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. The tradition to celebrate the International Day of beer is not very old, only since 1989. However, fans of beer before and have organized various festivals and celebrations. The founder of the feast of beer...

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July 18 - Vasil Levski - 18 July 2018

July 18 - Vasil Levski

Vasil Levski was born on July 18, 1837 in Karlovo. Nature rarely moisture in one person many virtues rarely brave and daring are the most precious , even more rarely are the most powerful and the most democratic. Not always the smartest most selfless , talented - the most modest. And at Levski all major qualities are assembled for light in a unique harmony . There are equally covered soulful revolutionary firmness, dreamer - a man of action , the ability to lead - the humility of the wise man gift orders - ready to obey. Is exacting to others, but most to himself. Strong , but rough - never, but his mental purity serves as a mirror of all who are touched by it. He led the people through the magic of his personality fully completed - this Prometheus of Bulgarian freedom. Nikolai Hajtov...

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Fourth of July Independence Day - 04 July 2018

Fourth of July Independence Day

Fourth of July Independence Day. Signed the Declaration of Independence, was born Tom Cruise. But what shows dry statistics - that July 4 is a truly American day. On this date in 1776 in Philadelphia congress featuring thirteen colonies signed the American Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson. Since then the day is celebrated as Independence Day SASht.Ne so bright moment on that date had John Adams, the second president of the United States. He was born on October 30, 1735 in Beyntri, Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard in 1755 after three years working as a lawyer in his hometown. In 1776, he was president of the Continental Council and a member of the Committee on the Declaration of Independence. In 1780 in France and the Netherlands, where agreed a loan of $ 1.4...

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