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Saint Spyridon - 12 December 2018

Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon (Salaminski) miracle worker, was born at the end of the III century on the island of Cyprus. In his childhood, Saint Spyridon pastured sheep and led a life pure and pious. Emulate the righteous David - his gentleness, Jacob heart with your kindness to Abraham for his love of wandering. In adulthood, Saint Spyridon became the father of a family. His extraordinary friendliness and sincere sympathy attracted many people: the homeless found shelter in his house, strangers - food and rest. For constant reference to God and his good deeds, God gave the saint blessed gifts of insight, healing the sick and expelling evil spirits. After his wife's death, during the reign of Constantine the Great (324-337) and his son Constantius (337-361), Saint Spyridon was elected bishop of...

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Happy Day of Bulgarian students! - 08 December 2018

Happy Day of Bulgarian students!

On December 8, celebrate all Bulgarian students. This day is a holiday as far back as 1903, as is the feast of the only university at the time of the Principality of Bulgaria. A decision to this day has taken its Academic Council in 1902. The celebration of this day as a holiday, however, was canceled after 1944. and was moved to November 17. Then another student notes celebration - the international student solidarity. In 1962, the feast of the university - December 8 was restored, and at its meeting of 28 October 1994 the Council of Rectors again made the decision on December 8 any day, free of classes in which to celebrate all Bulgarian students. For several decades Eighth December is celebrated as a holiday by many generations of Bulgarian students. So is ancient times. It is believed that...

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Saint Varvara - 04 December 2018

Saint Varvara

Church commemorates the holy martyr Varvara. Saint lived during the reign of Emperor Maximian, in the city Iliopol. Because of their faith in God, she suffered martyrdom for Christ by the hand of his own father. Varvaritsa, Varvarinden, Varvardan in folk and sister Barbara and Sheba celebrated the next day, are two sisters of St. Nicholas. Sava of them is better, always goes after Barbara and tells her not to run from his sleeve icy grains in the field. Two sisters prepare the feast of St. Nicholas, so I said: "Varvara boils, Sava bake (interfere), Nicholas Guest treats." Widespread belief that Saint Barbara is the patron of children's diseases (and pattern). Its perception is as ugly, lame and disheveled old grandmother who leans on a crutch. With it she strikes children and...

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November 10, 1989. Beginning of Bulgaria's transition to democracy. Chronology of events. - 10 November 2018

November 10, 1989. Beginning of Bulgaria's transition to democracy. Chronology of events.

On November 10, 1989, just hours after being opened Berlin Wall on November 9, convened plenum of the Central Committee (CC) of the Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP). The official announcement of the two decisions of the plenum is that "meets the request of Comrade Todor Zhivkov be removed as general secretary and member of the Politburo of the Communist Party" and expressed his "deep appreciation for the dedicated work long in the service of the Party and the people ". Available in the National Assembly to grant his request for release as Chairman of the State Council of the People's Republic of Bulgaria. Another solution is that "elected General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Comrade Peter Mladenov." Tacit news for downloading toured...

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St. Ivan Rilski - 19 October 2018

St. Ivan Rilski

 St. Ivan Rilski (about 876-946) was the first Bulgarian hermit and founder of the grandest monastery in the country. He was born in the village hide (near the town of Dupnitsa) and 25-year-old was a shepherd. Then he took monastic vows, but did not stay for long in the monastery, and devoted his life in complete solitude, prayer, fasting and deprivation. Bad people twice drove him away from the places where he had chosen. Finally managed to isolate himself in raw bosom of the Rila Mountain. There he spent 12 years in a cave from which he was turned out robbers. Then the ascetic took shelter in the hollow of a huge oak. Rumor about the righteous soon spread around the neighboring villages and Christians began to seek his help. With God's blessing hermit performed miracles: he exorcised...

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