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St. Nina - 14 January 2019

St. Nina

She was born, according to the Orthodox hagiographic literature about 280 - year in colostrum, Cappadocia. Her father, Zebulun was a relative of the Great Martyr George, and her mother Susanna was the sister of the Patriarch of Jerusalem. According to legend, went to Iberia (the territory of modern Georgia) to find Lord coats. Her teacher told her Nianfora tions for how coats Lord was moved from Jerusalem in Mtskheta. But the main goal, which has been commissioned by the Virgin Mary herself is to enlighten Iberia. Nina wanted to go to the country where it coats the Lord to find the grave of Sidonia, which was buried coats Lord, to bow before the coats and then devote himself to preaching the gospel to the inhabitants of Iberia. God appeared to St. Nina in her visions, blessed her and the Virgin...

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Saint Tatiana - 12 January 2019

Saint Tatiana

On January 12 the Orthodox Church honors St. Tatiana. She was born in Rome in the family of famous parents - her father was consul three times. It was a secret Christian and educated daughter unto godliness. When they reach adulthood, Tatiana wanted to spend his life in chastity, as is dedicated to Christ. One day, however, the Roman emperor forced the young woman to make a sacrifice in the temple of Apollo. Profess the Christian faith, she refused to obey and began to pray to God. The strength of her sincere words broke the statue into a thousand pieces. Following the brutal torture, which they wanted to force her to renounce Christ. But every day, when her tormentors came back, she found Tatiana strong and invincible and it continues to pray to God to forgive them and open their eyes to Him....

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International Day of the word "Thanks" - 11 January 2019

International Day of the word "Thanks"

Every year, January 11 is celebrated as the International Day of the word "Thanks". Beginning of this festival seems to be unknown, it is not known, but many believe that it was artificially created by some "smart" companies making greeting cards to generate more sales. But it really does not make the holiday less attractive, right? All that is expected of you to participate in the International Day of the word "Thanks" to show your appreciation to the people who make your life more beautiful. One reason to do it good enough I think, is to write a letter of gratitude to someone special for you man, or even yourself! I'll do it and I want to express my sincere gratitude to all who wished me success in everything and always! I must admit that I had many beautiful...

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December 22 - St. Anastasia - 22 December 2018

December 22 - St. Anastasia

She was the daughter of a noble and wealthy Roman. Her father was a pagan, but her mother confessed the Christian faith. Anastasia upbringing was entrusted to Hrisogon teacher, known for his wit and learning. When completed the education of young Anastasia, all in Rome wondered as to her uncommon beauty and of her mind and knowledge. By Hrisogon and his mother Anastasia received knowledge of the true God. From an early age she was deprived of her mother and her father married her off against her will to a rich and noble Roman pagan, a man of harsh and cruel nature. Many tears shed the unfortunate Anastasia. Sole solace she finds in prayer and in the implementation of its Christian zadalzheniya.Neyniyat man resented it much gave to the poor and, fearing lest they scatter for good deeds all the...

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December 21 - St. Juliania - 21 December 2018

December 21 - St. Juliania

She lived in the third century in Asia Minor province of Bithynia. From the little Julian was engaged to a pagan by a noble family. When I grew older, however, she recognized the faith of Christ and decided not to connect their lives with an idolater. He realized that her father was her very much and took her at her fiance, who at that time was governor of the province. The manager promised to never makes her renounce Christ, but he himself was afraid to accept it, he does not lose his office. Then Juliania replied: "If you're afraid of your death and a temporary king, then how can I not afraid of my immortal King who rules over all people and above kings, and how can I contact through marriage with his enemy. Turn to my God, if you do not deal with me as you want. No torture will...

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