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Berlin Wall, a symbol of the Iron Curtain - 09 November 2016

Berlin Wall, a symbol of the Iron Curtain

Berlin Wall became a symbol of the division between the ideologies of East and West, no longer exists. The only thing reminiscent of its existence, is a thin line paved left of where it previously stood wall. Does the fall of the Berlin Wall meant that disappeared and ideological differences and what is the history of this, as some call it the "Wall of Shame", see a few interesting facts. Berlin Wall, which originally constituted a barbed wire fence, was built virtually overnight. This happened on the night of August 13, 1961 People in the eastern part of Berlin did not suspect what awaits them in the morning. 1.The concrete wall was built only in 1965.     2. The authorities in East Germany publicly denied that they intend to build a wall about...

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Serbian - Bulgarian war in 1885 - 07 November 2016

Serbian - Bulgarian war in 1885

King Milan, King of Serbia declared war on Bulgaria in 1885 on 2 November. The reason for this is the uncertainty discontent in Serbia Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia, committed on September 6, 1885 On November 5 Slivnitsa when Serbian forces were defeated and began to retreat. On November 10, they were defeated again at Dragoman, and November 12 - in Dimitrovgrad. On November 15, the Bulgarian army captured Pirot. The war remains in history as the "war of the generals against capital" because after the Russian officers from Bulgaria, our troops remain under the leadership of young Bulgarian commanders who are mostly captains. The Serbian government has a 60-strong military contingent to 500 guns. The first few days of the war, Serb troops rapidly moving...

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1000 years of the death of the Bulgarian Tsar Samuil - 06 October 2016

1000 years of the death of the Bulgarian Tsar Samuil

In 2014 Bulgaria marks 1,000 years since the death of Tsar Samuel, who has gone down in history as the ruler who staunchly upheld this country’s independence at a difficult period for it. Samuel was the son of comit Nikola, who is believed to have been governor of the Sredets region /Sofia today/. “The age of Samuel's reign was a constant battle against Byzantium,” says Associate Prof. Georgi Nikolov from the Historical Faculty of the St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University. “This war that lasted far too long, actually started in 968, before Samuel ascended the throne. It ultimately brought agony upon the Bulgarian kingdom as it exhausted it in terms of human and material resources; at the time Byzantium was a huge empire, spreading over almost all of Asia Minor,...

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Holy Cross - September 14 - 14 September 2016

Holy Cross - September 14

The Orthodox Church celebrates the Exaltation of the Holy Cross of the Lord and Life-giving - Cross. People call the feast Cross not only because of the "Holy Cross" and for the day "is crossed with the evening" - equinox occurs; women cross flowers in the garden, while men keep their waist (encircle it with a belt) due to cold. According to folklore presented by Cross Sun "goes back" - is already autumn. In some areas of the country the holiday is called grozdobernik, because it starts the vintage. Traditionally this day is sprinkled with holy water house and threshing, presentation of the table on which the priest takes on a new church cross woven cover. Farmers donate Pop with pulses and vegetables, especially wheat of the new harvest. For the holiday are given...

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Ninth September 1944 - 09 September 2016

Ninth September 1944

September 9, 1944 What is the date: day of victory over fascism and capitalism? Coup or national-democratic revolution? Landmark or a bad day for the Bulgarian state? 66 years later there is still no clear answer to this question. Photos from those days appear enthusiastic faces of people who meet the winner of the Red Army. Soviet troops had passed the Danube, but did not war, because nobody resisted. Other people's photographs are guerrillas descended into the towns and villages of the mountain, their guns decorating with flowers. But such images have on addressing a blue-eyed knights - soldiers of the Wehrmacht ... We both were greeted with bread and salt of Eagle Bridge ... Native-frontovskoto Bulgaria Government rescues of war with the Soviet Union. However, the People's Court...

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