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18 (19) February - the death of Vasil Levski - 19 February 2018

18 (19) February - the death of Vasil Levski

"People ? ? ? ? " Phrase written at the end of the notebook of Levski. Reproach ? Disappointment ? Or expression of positive emotion ? - What did he tell us Levski ? The truth is very often not so extreme, nor so hidden. Levski just ask us , provoke , making us think . Draws our attention to something timeless and important. Freedom and independence. Deacon , thank you for everything you've done for us. And especially that remind us constantly thought. Vasil Ivanov Kunchev - Levski Born July 18, 1837 in Karlovo - died on February 18, 1873 near Sofia. Known as Vasil Levski and the Apostle of Freedom . Ideologist and organizer of the Bulgarian national revolution , founder of the Internal Revolutionary Organization ( IRO ) and the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (...

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Bulgaria commemorate the victims of the communist regime - 01 February 2018

Bulgaria commemorate the victims of the communist regime

On the night of 1 on 2 February 1945 the Communists villainous killing Regents and Ministers of the Kingdom of Bulgaria. Yes, that night, but years ago, the Sofia central cemetery was made ugly mischief: Communists are shot with a bullet in the neck Prince of Preslav Kiril, brother of Tsar Boris III, prof. Bogdan Filov gene. N. Mihov, ie three regents of the King of Bulgaria, ministers, royal counselors, deputies. Then killed representatives of the senior civil service establishment of the Kingdom of Bulgaria were buried in a common grave in a plane pit formed by US bombing of Sofia. And they covered the corpses of red kravolotsi with quicklime and then with tons of slag. Killed were "sentenced" to death by etc. "People's Court". God forgive brutally slain statesmen...

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December 22 - St. Anastasia - 22 December 2017

December 22 - St. Anastasia

She was the daughter of a noble and wealthy Roman. Her father was a pagan, but her mother confessed the Christian faith. Anastasia upbringing was entrusted to Hrisogon teacher, known for his wit and learning. When completed the education of young Anastasia, all in Rome wondered as to her uncommon beauty and of her mind and knowledge. By Hrisogon and his mother Anastasia received knowledge of the true God. From an early age she was deprived of her mother and her father married her off against her will to a rich and noble Roman pagan, a man of harsh and cruel nature. Many tears shed the unfortunate Anastasia. Sole solace she finds in prayer and in the implementation of its Christian zadalzheniya.Neyniyat man resented it much gave to the poor and, fearing lest they scatter for good deeds all the...

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December 21 - St. Juliania - 21 December 2017

December 21 - St. Juliania

She lived in the third century in Asia Minor province of Bithynia. From the little Julian was engaged to a pagan by a noble family. When I grew older, however, she recognized the faith of Christ and decided not to connect their lives with an idolater. He realized that her father was her very much and took her at her fiance, who at that time was governor of the province. The manager promised to never makes her renounce Christ, but he himself was afraid to accept it, he does not lose his office. Then Juliania replied: "If you're afraid of your death and a temporary king, then how can I not afraid of my immortal King who rules over all people and above kings, and how can I contact through marriage with his enemy. Turn to my God, if you do not deal with me as you want. No torture will...

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World Kindness Day - 13 November 2017

World Kindness Day

The purpose of the World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion. And to realize that we are citizens of the world. As global citizens we have in common and we need to understand that if there is progress in improving human relations and effort if we are to achieve the goal of peaceful coexistence, we must focus on what is common to us all. When we find similarities, we feel sympathy, in our relationship with this person or these people. Although we can think of people from another culture makes us "different" does not mean that we are better than they are. When you make friends with someone from a different culture, we find that despite some obvious differences, have many similarities. We can be...

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