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Bastille Day - 14 July 2019

Bastille Day

France is a country with a turbulent and dramatic story. With many and lengthy wars. Especially memorable and exciting history of the French Revolution. The revolution began with the national cry for equality, freedom and brotherhood and it imported large-scale reforms in France. Storming of the Bastille (a symbol of oppression and atrocities of rulers) in 1789, it is considered the beginning of the revolution in France - a real revolution for independence. July 14, Bastille Day. Celebrated throughout France. During the day in Paris organized a military parade, between the Arc de Triomphe and Place de la Concorde, passing through the Champs-Elysees.     Military ceremonies take place in many cities in the country. At night, fireworks illuminated the sky in most...

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June 2 - Day of Hristo Botev and died for freedom and independence of Bulgaria - 02 June 2019

June 2 - Day of Hristo Botev and died for freedom and independence of Bulgaria

June 2nd is the day that we honor Hristo Botev and all dead, known and unknown warriors for independence and freedom of our Bulgaria.Bow before you, son and great Bulgarian hero! You stay in our hearts, because true heroes never die! We remember your cause and we are ready to take your way because you're a shining example in our history, we follow and whose name will defend!Hristo Botev was born on January 6, celebrated in Europe in 1848 In May 1876 Botev began organizing a band and became its leader. From Giurgiu boarded a ship "Radetzky" and on May 17, forcing its captain to stop at the shore to the Kozlodui. From there, the band led by him, went to Okolchitsa. They say that they walked all the way there without bread and water. Enter into unequal combat, and on June 2, bullet...

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First of June - International Children's Day - 01 June 2019

First of June - International Children's Day

Today, almost all countries of the world organize the holiday known as Children's Day or Day of the children. It is a holiday that is associated with the tradition of individual countries is celebrated on different dates in different ways. International Day for the Protection of Children on 1 June in almost all countries of the former socialist camp. Celebration dates back to World Conference on Children's Health, held in 1925 in Geneva (Switzerland). In Bulgaria, this holiday became popular after 1949, when Moscow announced that June 1 is now International Day for the Protection of Children. In a communist holiday is officially called the International Day for the protection of children, though hardly gives political color in celebration. The celebration is preserved after the change...

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January 21 - International Day hug - 21 January 2019

January 21 - International Day hug

 "It irritates me and hug me!"  (Sticker on the bumper of a car)  Today, January 21, celebrate:  International Day hug!  Hug the person next to you, even you may not be very close. Embrace is a symbol of warmth and friendship, trust and love bestows. I heard a Chinese wisdom: "We humans are born as angels with one wing. To fly, you should embrace ..." Embrace not only today but every day! Embrace! We need four hugs a day to survive. We need eight hugs to maintain good form.We need twelve hugs a day to grow ... Embrace is healthy. Hugs help the immune system, making them more robust dapresiyata heal, reduce stress, help you sleep more easily excited, rejuvenate, have unpleasant side effects. In a word, hugs are magical medicine. Embrace...

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St. Nina - 14 January 2019

St. Nina

She was born, according to the Orthodox hagiographic literature about 280 - year in colostrum, Cappadocia. Her father, Zebulun was a relative of the Great Martyr George, and her mother Susanna was the sister of the Patriarch of Jerusalem. According to legend, went to Iberia (the territory of modern Georgia) to find Lord coats. Her teacher told her Nianfora tions for how coats Lord was moved from Jerusalem in Mtskheta. But the main goal, which has been commissioned by the Virgin Mary herself is to enlighten Iberia. Nina wanted to go to the country where it coats the Lord to find the grave of Sidonia, which was buried coats Lord, to bow before the coats and then devote himself to preaching the gospel to the inhabitants of Iberia. God appeared to St. Nina in her visions, blessed her and the Virgin...

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