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Planet Earth - Science - 27 August 2011

Planet  Earth - Science

Our planet Earth. Our mother and swing. It offers us everything - air, water, sun, beauty, love ... What can convince people it's worth the effort to make to tame global warming. Maybe one of these amazing clips of landscapes from different parts of the world will cause us to think, to remember that it is only for us and all of humanity. And that will cause us to change, to change and our Mother Earth so as to keep it from perishing.             НАШИЯТ ОАЗИС            

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Organisms on Earth - 27 August 2011

Organisms on Earth

       На Земята има 8,74 млн. вида (еукариоти) според последното и най-точно мащабно "преброяване" на живите организми до момента.  Не бързайте, обаче, - цели 86% от живите същества на сушата и 91% във водата все още не са описани.  За изготвянето на пълен каталог ще са нужни още... 1200 години.             Според резултатите 6,5 млн. от познатите видове живеят на сушата (повечето от които насекоми), а 2,2 млн. (или около 25 на сто от общата бройка) - в океана. Тези цифри са представени като най-точната калкулация, правена досега, която заменя предишни оценки, разполагащи се в твърде широки граници -  между 3 и 100 млн. вида.      Статистиката е резултат на иновативен,...

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Wedding In My Family! - 20 August 2011

Wedding In My Family!


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Energy saving bulbs are carcinogenic. - 27 April 2011

Energy saving bulbs are carcinogenic.

Energy saving bulbs are carcinogenic. German investigation allegedly lighting becomes dangerous when the electricity because discharges of phenol. According to Bulgarian scholars, however, is another danger. Details on this gives R. Stoilkova. In Germany, checked the bulbs from five leading manufacturers. The analysis showed that all are carcinogenic, because separate phenol. According to Bulgarian scholars, however, phenol in energy saving light bulbs in too small quantities to be dangerous. However, there is another risk: "The problem of energy saving bulb is connected to the emission of light in the blue color, which is 460 nm. It is a wavelength which causes processes in our brain, and they can lead to insomnia," explained Prof. Ani Proykova by the Committee to assess the health risks of...

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Bulgarians have made electric car - 27 April 2011

Bulgarians have made electric car

Bulgarians had made from an ordinary gasoline car electric. A few months ago Teodor Ivanov's car was quite simple. With petrol engine midrange. He and his colleagues, however, make it a car of the future. "They installed a new engine management Motta and now you can see your car is in motion. Your car has a manual gearbox. At the time of a second and no problem. Per second to 80 km can develop. For the moment we've tested - 120 km / h without any problems, "said Teodor Ivanov. The power of the motor corresponds to about 60 horsepower gasoline. The basis of the project is the thesis of Theodor French University. "We do not do scientific research we are doing as a halfway acceptable option price and the market at the moment is 3-4, but with a retrofit any car can be"...

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