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Technology - In 2012 new technology will come more widely in our lives - 04 January 2012

Technology - In 2012 new technology will come more widely in our lives

Despite the crisis and budgetary constraints in many sectors, the government has decided this year to implement at least 100 new electronic services for citizens and businesses. Services, which we call e-government and will be offered by the state on the Internet around the clock, seven days a week - every day. This will save time going to different institutions will reduce bureaucracy and sometimes very annoying and keyed into contact with the clerk. This year will be launched and the latest government project - all who want to communicate with the state line to obtain a new document with a chip called a digital ID. Slang, who wants to has already e-ID card. This year, to an abbreviation of mobile technology and innovations - such as GSM, WiFi and 3G, mobile operators in the country...

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Full lunar eclipse and a shower of shooting stars - Science - 04 December 2011

Full lunar eclipse and a shower of shooting stars - Science

  Full lunar eclipse and a shower of shooting stars we expect next week. On December 10 we will watch the Sun, Earth and moon are aligned in a line and our planet overshadows our natural satellite. The full lunar eclipse will be visible from Bulgaria in its last phase - from 16.50 hours to 18.20 hours. It can be seen with the naked eye, but in clear weather and a simple pair of binoculars can reveal more details of the heavenly spectacle. Good advice to select a location visible to monitor an outdoor low horizon in the east.                           Only 4 days after total lunar eclipse on December 14, will visit Dzheminidi meteor stream, which is a promise of a beautiful zvezdopad. We expect...

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My Moments - Wedding In My Family! - 04 September 2011

My Moments -  Wedding In My Family!

                WEDDING IN MY FAMILY  ON AUGUST 21, 2011, PLEVEN                         PART ONE         PART TWO        

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Gepard - Science - 27 August 2011

Gepard - Science

The Leopard (Acinonyx jubatus) e mammal of the cat family. Today he is the only representative of this genus and is known for four more ancient type. The area of its distribution is very limited and mainly covers areas south of the Sahara. Additionally, small populations inhabit North Africa and Iran. Relatively large number in Namibia has led it to be called "The Land of cheetahs." The Leopard is the fastest land animal. Develops speed of 112 to 120 km / h over short distances (460 m). Acceleration is from 0 to 110 km / h in 3 seconds. Paleontological evidence suggests that it is much smaller and faster than their predecessors. recent genetic studies closest relatives of the cheetah are in North America.      Гепардът е най-бързото сухоземно животно....

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Falcon - Science - 27 August 2011

Falcon - Science

  A copy of the rare and protected species "Peregrine Falcon" (Falco peregrinus) was found by citizens in the city center, around the National Stadium "Vasil Levski", said the Sofia Regional Inspectorate. The bird was in a helpless condition with leg straps, probably escaped from unscrupulous owner. The falcon was picked up by experts sent for inspection and accommodation Rescue Centre - Green Balkans - Stara Zagora. A detailed examination of the data, which are marked on the ring, which is marked bird. Most likely, it's illegal possession bird poachers acquired way. The bird was rescued by Ilian Nikolov, a student of the National School of Dance.      

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