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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro - 06 February 2016

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro - this is a show that is the most famous in the world. It is normally carried out at the end of winter or early spring. What in this carnival attracts people from all over the world so as to glorify Brazil? Of course, their exotic costumes, wild dancing, general entertainment, brilliant performances and unique music. This carnival is a phenomenon unique to Brazil. Some people believe that you have to see it at all costs, at least once in a lifetime History of Carnival     The first carnival was held in 1723. Historians believe that the custom of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro was brought by colonists from Portugal, who ruled in Brazil at that time. The celebrations on the streets were dedicated to local holiday, similar to other carnivals...

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Wine Museum - 01 February 2016

Wine Museum

In my home town of Pleven has unique attractions. One of them is the Museum of Wine. It is only in the Balkans and is located in the aesthetic cave. In one of the many natural caves in the park "Kaylaka" that are close to the lake "Totlebenov shaft". My hometown Pleven has long standing traditions in winemaking. Not in vain considered it important and major center in Bulgaria for the production of wine. In Pleven, back in 1890 was discovered the vocational school of Vine and Wine, which is the first for the country. A famous wine institute is 1902nd. This unique wine museum has a very interesting architecture. The cave, which houses, has the natural shape of a cross. Long ago the idea was here to Panorama "Pleven Epic". But the natural humidity in the cave...

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My Pleven is third in Europe - 10 December 2015

My Pleven is third in Europe

Any modern relatively large city has a pedestrian area. Usually this is the central street. A central pedestrian street in my Pleven has a length of 1450 meters. With its 1450 meters it occupies the third place in Europe. Another Bulgarian city, Plovdiv, won the championship in this category - for its street closed to cars from 1750 meters. So the historical Bulgarian town in the hills left behind the recent champion - the capital of Denmark - Copenhagen. There pedestrian section length 1700 m. But let's take into account that it includes four shopping streets and walks. So Pleven could easily be second place.     For the pride of Bulgaria and Plovdiv for the longest pedestrian street in Europe lasted little. In Moscow was opened pedestrian zone that stretches...

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Beautiful Examples of Symmetry In Nature - 31 October 2015

Beautiful Examples of Symmetry In Nature

For centuries, symmetry has remained a subject that’s fascinated philosophers, astronomers, mathematicians, artists, architects, and physicists. The ancient Greeks were downright obsessed with it - and even today we tend to side with symmetry in everything from planning our furniture layout to styling our hair. No one’s sure why it’s such an ever-present property, or why the mathematics behind it seem to permeate everything around us—but the ten examples below prove that it’s definitely there. Just be warned: once you’re aware of it, you’ll likely have an uncontrollable urge to look for symmetry in everything you see. Romanesco Broccoli     You may have passed by Romanesco broccoli in the grocery store and assumed, because...

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Maiden grapes - 10 October 2015

Maiden grapes

For years I enjoyed the facade of my father's house. I wondered when I saw people passing by us to take out cameras to shoot, you shoot .... Then I realized it was because of the maiden grapes! Maiden grapes vine, reaching a height of 10-20 meters, increasing by 1-2 meters per year. Climb using antennae, sometimes ending with suction cups that allow it to attach and climb flat and even very smooth surfaces. On his way easily curl, which gives him further opportunity to be fixed. Mainly the beauty of the maiden grapes vine leaves, which are mostly green in summer and red before falling in autumn. It blooms in July and August with inconspicuous greenish-yellow, often hidden under foliage colors after overblown crumble. If you remain fruits, they are small, purple-black with a white...

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