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The story of the most popular Christmas song - 25 December 2018

The story of the most popular Christmas song

In 1831 in Germany "Silent night, holy night ..." appeared simultaneously in two song collections in Berlin and Dresden. Both place the name of the author writes: "The authors of the text and music are unknown." Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV you first heard in the winter of 1853. He so liked the Christmas song that called courtiers concertmaster and commanded him: "I find the author of the song!" The order of the king, however, still remained pending for a year and only one fluke enigma found its solution in December 1854.     Director of the Austrian people Salzburg, former concertmaster of the best known of the Prussian court, scolded one of the boys Felix Gruber, who he constantly sang wrong already popular Christmas song. On his remark...

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Ordinances for St. George - 06 May 2017

Ordinances for St. George

The days around St. George are rich in rituals, known since antiquity. These relate primarily to the care of livestock at the beginning of stocking year. Labor peasant dreams of fertility in the fields, boiling with the desire for health, longevity and happiness. Much of the customs and rituals take place outside the village - in pen on green lawns, the fields, along rivers and springs. Ritual of milking sheep An essential point of St. George is the first ritual of milking sheep. First to milk the sheep, which at first had lambed. Her lamb sacrifice is transferred to St. George. In Western Bulgaria first milk left by the fireplace, where lies the spirit of the ancestor and play dance around it. Ritual pouring of the first milk A lamb is distributed milk, cheese and meat for the dead....

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The name George - Interesting Facts - 06 May 2017

The name George - Interesting Facts

The name George has Greek origin and can be translated as "farmer" (geo - earth, ergon - work). In Europe the name George began to gain popularity until the late 14th century when the Crusaders brought from Palestine story of the martyrdom of St. George and miracles performed. Nameday of George is celebrated on May 6, while the day is called St. George.      In different countries the name George is found in more 33 different versions: Egor, Georas, Geordi, Geordie, Georg, George, Georges, Georgie, Georgio, Georgios, Georgiy, Georgy, Gheorghe, Giorgi, Giorgio, Giorgios, Giorgius, Goran, Gyorgy, Gyuri, Igor, Jerzy, Jiri, Jorgan, Jorge, Jorgen, Jurgen, Jurek, Jurik, Yorick, Yorik, Yurik and Ygor.     St. George is the patron of Canada,...

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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro - 06 February 2016

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro - this is a show that is the most famous in the world. It is normally carried out at the end of winter or early spring. What in this carnival attracts people from all over the world so as to glorify Brazil? Of course, their exotic costumes, wild dancing, general entertainment, brilliant performances and unique music. This carnival is a phenomenon unique to Brazil. Some people believe that you have to see it at all costs, at least once in a lifetime History of Carnival     The first carnival was held in 1723. Historians believe that the custom of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro was brought by colonists from Portugal, who ruled in Brazil at that time. The celebrations on the streets were dedicated to local holiday, similar to other carnivals...

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Wine Museum - 01 February 2016

Wine Museum

In my home town of Pleven has unique attractions. One of them is the Museum of Wine. It is only in the Balkans and is located in the aesthetic cave. In one of the many natural caves in the park "Kaylaka" that are close to the lake "Totlebenov shaft". My hometown Pleven has long standing traditions in winemaking. Not in vain considered it important and major center in Bulgaria for the production of wine. In Pleven, back in 1890 was discovered the vocational school of Vine and Wine, which is the first for the country. A famous wine institute is 1902nd. This unique wine museum has a very interesting architecture. The cave, which houses, has the natural shape of a cross. Long ago the idea was here to Panorama "Pleven Epic". But the natural humidity in the cave...

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