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St. Thomas - Holideys - 15 April 2018

St. Thomas - Holideys

St. Thomas Sunday week after Easter is called St. Thomas Sunday. Easter holiday cycle ends with St. Thomas Sunday, which honors the memory of St. Thomas, one of the 12 disciples of Christ, known as the "False" .This name comes from the Gospel writings that say that when word of the Lord is the missing body spread, the only apostle Thomas did not believe and to convince the miracle wanted to touch the wounds of the nails with which Jesus was nailed to the cross. On the eighth day of the resurrection Christ went to the apostle and told him: "Put your finger here and see my hands, put out your hand and put it on my ribs. And be not faithless, but believing. Because he saw me, believe you? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. "When Thomas himself was convinced...

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Easter! Christ is Risen! - Holidays - 08 April 2018

Easter! Christ is Risen! - Holidays

 Nature, updated and dressed in their new spring clothing, will celebrate with us Christ's resurrection. Our souls are filled with awe and beauty. Abundant life is pressingeverywhere! Worship shines from our mysterious and imperceptible to the human eye phenomenon Son of God. The victory of good over evil, of life over death. In the hearts of Christians raised his voice: Christ is risen! And somewhere on the depth of bathers in the divine love hearts rises pulling at the hearts of believers retaliatory greeting: Risen Indeed!     Today...

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Maundy-Week - Traditions - 02 April 2018

Maundy-Week - Traditions

Maundy-Week This is called the days of Christ's suffering the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem to his death. Therefore, each day from Monday to Saturday is called Great. • Easter Monday - Jesus entered Jerusalem temple and it is filled with traders. Son of God cast out the traders, because the temple is home to pray, not auction. In the Gospel speaks of the preaching of Jesus in the temple and say it curse the barren fig tree - a symbol of the human soul, which knows no prayer, repentance, and do not bear spiritual fruit. • Great Tuesday - Christ preached in the church and give his last moral precepts;...

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Lazarus (Lazaritsa) and Palm (Palm Sunday) - Traditions - 01 April 2018

Lazarus (Lazaritsa) and Palm (Palm Sunday) - Traditions

In the calendar of the Christian Church Lazarus is associated with the resurrection of Lazarus, who lived in the town of Bethany, near Jerusalem. According to the gospel, when the Savior was in the land beyond the Jordan, Lazarus fell ill and died. When the Messiah returns, resurrects buried the fourth day of his funeral as a sign of gratitude for its hospitality. According to medieval manuscripts Lazarus lived another 30 years in a strict fast and abstinence and was named the first bishop of Kition city on the island of Cyprus. On Lazarus church celebrated with a festive liturgy resurrection of Lazarus, and the memory of the martyr St. Lazar Bulgarian, tortured and killed on April 23, 1802.According to Bulgarian folk tradition Lazarus or "Lazaritsa" is the day...

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Annunciation - 25 March 2018


Annunciation Annunciation. March 25. Good News. The Bible says that the Virgin Mary received the "good news." So you become a mother. Will be born the Son of God - Jesus Christ. Our people have beliefs. At the Annunciation should not leave the house without breakfast good to remember that you must have money in your pocket because it is more likely to hear a cuckoo hook, but to be well with you throughout the year, you must be a "full stomach and a pocket full." Our elderly grandmothers believed that the Annunciation should not be running anything at home - not to wash, clean, not to meddle even bread. Annunciation of the sow vegetables, fruit trees are transplanted to be fertile, and their fruits are very sweet as the people telling us - "good." Annunciation of...

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