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Yordanov days - Holidays - 06 January 2017

Yordanov days - Holidays

On January 6 Epiphany feast sporedpravoslavniya calendar celebrates the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist in the Jordan River. Feast of Epiphany is also known under the names Voditsa, Vodokrashti, Epiphany, Men's Day - holiday, which ended so. dirty days. On the eve of Epiphany is made final, third censed dinner. The table again like Christmas Eve are only meatless foods: fresh bread, kolacheta, leaves stuffed with cabbage, stuffed peppers, cabbage, beans, nuts, wine. Walnuts from the New Year break and they are guessing about the future. Jordan is associated with well-known of all Bulgarians believe that the night before the holiday "open skies" "and who now ask for something, it will be fulfilled. The festival itself takes place also consecrated water. After the church...

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Arkhangelsk Souls - Traditions - 05 November 2016

Arkhangelsk Souls - Traditions

Today is All Souls Arkhangelsk. I confess that until recently I was peering in the Orthodox calendar of Bulgarian Patriarchate. Because everyone around me was alive and well. Only celebrated together. All holidays. But know that our lives are changing. You say that everything flows, everything changes ... And now suddenly we should honor the souls of my closest, who left this world and are now in the afterlife. Are no longer among us, but I hope to have a better and better place. I'll light candles will censed with incense and make giving out (podavki) of friends and strangers.   Their eternal memory! Peace of their souls!

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St. Peter's day - 29 June 2016

St. Peter's day

On June 29 the church celebrates the memory of the two apostles of Christ - Peter and Paul - one of the most ardent proponents of Christianity, because they have endured much suffering. So they called the "preeminent saint prestolnitsi and ecumenical teachers."Peter is a poor fisherman from Bethsaida near the city Genesareth Lake is one of the first disciples of Christ and of his most devoted followers. Paul was born in Tarsus, Cilicia, and initially confessed Judaism, it is among the persecutors of Christians. But the road to Damascus he was blinded by a vision of the Lord. Return it back to town and after three days he was miraculously healed. And then an opponent of the doctrine of Christ became his most zealous distributor. Peter and Paul were crucified on a cross by Emperor Nero...

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Ascension Day - 09 June 2016

Ascension Day

Ascension Day is celebrated always on a Thursday, forty days after Easter. According to Christian beliefs after his Resurrection, Jesus Christ remained on Earth to preach his teaching and converse with his disciples, moving between them as God-man. On the 40th day at the foot of the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem ascended into heaven. With Christ's ascension ends and the act of human salvation, so the day is called Ascension Day. In the folk calendar seven Thursdays after Easter worship against hail, and the last of them - Ascension Day is connected with the cult of the dead. According to legend, on this day they harvested the souls of the dead who are free from Maundy Thursday. According to Bulgarian folk beliefs of the 40th day of Easter come and fairies. They pick and decorate themselves...

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Festival of Humour and Satire - Gabrovo - 21 May 2016

Festival of Humour and Satire - Gabrovo

Gabrovo, Bulgarian humor capital, each year brings its own unique greeting to all fans of laughter and jokes. In the days around the town's holiday - May 15, comes the fifth season - carnival, Gabrovo and often like to joke, ie Time for the next Carnival of humor, held annually here. Then Gabrovo streets are dotted with indescribable mood of carnival masks Musketeers, bullfighters, shamans, gypsies and all other characters who flooded the city with a sea of ​​emotions, colors, songs and dances - Balkan real hullabaloo. But tradition dictates that the beginning is always the same! Fully in the spirit of Gabrovo joke every year the carnival procession begins with the symbolic cutting of the tail of the huge six-meter dummy Gabrovo cat. Accompanying carnival events are exhibitions of cartoons,...

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