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Yordanov days - Holidays - 06 January 2017

Yordanov days - Holidays

On January 6 Epiphany feast sporedpravoslavniya calendar celebrates the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist in the Jordan River. Feast of Epiphany is also known under the names Voditsa, Vodokrashti, Epiphany, Men's Day - holiday, which ended so. dirty days. On the eve of Epiphany is made final, third censed dinner. The table again like Christmas Eve are only meatless foods: fresh bread, kolacheta, leaves stuffed with cabbage, stuffed peppers, cabbage, beans, nuts, wine. Walnuts from the New Year break and they are guessing about the future. Jordan is associated with well-known of all Bulgarians believe that the night before the holiday "open skies" "and who now ask for something, it will be fulfilled. The festival itself takes place also consecrated water. After the church...

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Christmas - Holidays - 25 December 2016

Christmas - Holidays

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays for people belonging to the Christian faith.At Christmas, family and friends gather to eat delicious and distribute gifts tochildren. But e wrong to think that just celebrated among Christians. The world is a globalwhole, and Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the world with Christmas feasts, gifts, prayers and wishes. It is believed that if you like the Christmas thing, it will come true. Belief is that Christmas miracles. Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world and the way of celebration, the dates and traditions vary, but the spirit remains the same everywhere. While most of us celebrate Christmas for a week, for some it is a festival and celebrate the whole month.     The most popular...

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Christmas celebration-Traditions - 24 December 2016

Christmas celebration-Traditions

The most impressive ritual actions, which began with Christmas, a ritual "at Christmas." It constitutes, in itself, a theater performance, accompanied by the singing of songs - wishes to the people to do that. Carollers usually in the Christmas eve night before Christmas. During the Christmas carol singers in costumes, which called for festivities involving boys and girls .. On Christmas Eve near every home ignite fires of straw to warm the parents are. On Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, the table is put vegetable dishes. After the dinner table is not clear away because it is believed that the deceased relatives will come to eat, and it will ensure prosperity of the family next year.     Calm, quiet and prosper Christmas Eve!   !

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December 9 - St. Anne - 09 December 2016

December 9 - St. Anne

On this day the Orthodox Christian Church celebrates Saint Ana and righteous. St. Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus. Be honored by the Roman Catholic Church. As the mother of St. Mary Anna protecting marriage, family, pregnant women and widows. This festival is also known as Winter St. Anna Annina and conception. Traditions and customs People celebrates this day as a celebration of mediums. The night preceding the holiday is a time of spells, omens and spells. In her wizards, witches and mediums most easily contacted by the devil and demons dead. They appear around the fire like flies. Why farmers burn at every door fire fertilizer sprinkle ash and millet around farm buildings. Girls planted wheat in the melting pot and twigs of cherry or apple water and...

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Arkhangelsk Souls - Traditions - 05 November 2016

Arkhangelsk Souls - Traditions

Today is All Souls Arkhangelsk. I confess that until recently I was peering in the Orthodox calendar of Bulgarian Patriarchate. Because everyone around me was alive and well. Only celebrated together. All holidays. But know that our lives are changing. You say that everything flows, everything changes ... And now suddenly we should honor the souls of my closest, who left this world and are now in the afterlife. Are no longer among us, but I hope to have a better and better place. I'll light candles will censed with incense and make giving out (podavki) of friends and strangers.   Their eternal memory! Peace of their souls!

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