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St. George is the biggest Bulgarian spring festival - Holidays - 06 May 2017

St. George is the biggest Bulgarian spring festival - Holidays

People believe that the world is divided between saints. Saint George fell to rule the field. So this holiday it connect with the awakening of nature, a time when forests, meadows, fields are green and everything. Then bear fascinating aroma of flowers, grasses and herbs. Older concepts divided the year into two periods: from St. George to St. Demetrius / summer / by Demetrius to St. George / winter /.Thus, the lamb is marked a new beginning. St. George plays a role in business. Once in the private sector from St. George's hired workers are farm laborers, and were relieved of Demetrius. St. George's Day is a celebration not only of shepherds and farmers, and celebrates the Bulgarian Army. Following the adoption of Christianity, pagan patrons of flocks and fertility are shifted of Christianity...

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St.Valentine - Day of love - 14 February 2017

St.Valentine - Day of love

History of the holiday Valentine's Day to tell fantastic stories . Roots in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia festival celebrated every year on February 15 by Pope Gelasius changed this pagan festival in the Christian celebration around 496 years since it was announced on February 14 Valentine's Day What exactly is holy honor remains a mystery. There were at least three early Christian saints by that name. One was a priest in Rome , another was a bishop in Terni , and the third for Valentine almost nothing is known except that the end of his days were in Africa Most scientists believe that Valentine was a priest who fell out of favor during the reign of Claudius II around 270 years. Here the facts end and the mythic begins . According to one legend , Claudius II banned marriages...

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St. Haralambos - Day of the beekeeper-Traditions - 10 February 2017

St. Haralambos - Day of the beekeeper-Traditions

    February 10 is the day of the beekeeper. On this day pays tribute to St. Haralambos. Then celebrate their name day and women who are called Valentina. February 10th is not celebrated mass and so deliciously as Valentine's Day - February 14th, but insiders know that St. Haralambos is the patron saint of beekeepers. So this day is especially important day for those who raise bees. Then allowed honey to be lit in the church. It is believed this is done in order to have health and honey throughout the year. It is believed that this honey, illuminated and stayed overnight in the church acquire healing powers. So keep all year. If someone in the family gets sick eating a spoonful of honey healing, and faster to recover and heal. Along with honey and bake bread. It also refers to...

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St. Athanasius - Holidays - 18 January 2017

St. Athanasius -  Holidays

"Go Winter, summer is coming!"   Brothers - smiths    A widespread legend presents Bulgarian twin brothers Anton and Atanas brothers-smiths. Many years ago, when the blacksmith tongs were not yet invented, the brothers worked in his forge. Iron burn in the furnace and then the St. Atanas He reached out and grabbed with bare hands. But then I looked at the dog layalo with bent front paws and was instantly enlightened by the idea to craft pliers like the dog legs. Since then the tradition of, the two saints to cherish as patrons of blacksmith craft. In their days blacksmith guilds sacrifice rams or bulls in honor of their patrons and gatherings large tables.    An old legend testifies to the fact that St. Ivan and St. Athanasius are masters of...

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Grandmother's Day - Babinden - Traditions - 08 January 2017

Grandmother's Day - Babinden - Traditions

The day after St. John in Bulgaria is celebrated day, people called Grandmother's Day. It is an ancient festival, still standing today from pagan times. It is dedicated to rural midwives who in olden times were assisting in the birth of children. Usually this holiday is seen as a kind of female response to male holidays Epiphany and St. John. Early on in Babinden old female midwife come women whose children aged 1 to 3 years. Tagava in its courtyard, under fruit trees is performed ritual "washing hands". Young women who have brought with them from home in a bucket of clean water, soap and towel new, watered babata- midwife to wash his hands and then handed her the towel, which she received as a gift. In gift grandmother - are served midwife clothes, fabrics, everything is tumbling...

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