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St. Nicholas the Wonderworker - Traditions - 06 December 2017

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker - Traditions

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is Mirlikiyski iztochnorimski cleric, Bishop of Myra, a city of Lycia in Lycia. Nicolas Mirlikiyski lifetime is known as an opponent of paganism, and after his death is revered as a saint and protector of sailors and traders Bulgarian name of the saint is Nicholas. "Nicholas" is rusizam, which is imposed after the ecclesiastical reforms of Patriarch Nikon in Russia in 1654 then, the saint's name in Russian is pronounced as "Nicholas" but in Ukrainian - "Mykola". St. Nicholas was born in the second half of III century. His family was rich and splendid situation. His uncle, Bishop of Patras, adopted his nephew in the church and henceforth he would serve him until the end of his days. Tradition tells how...

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St. Catherine - 24 November 2017

St. Catherine

На 24 ноември православната църква почита паметта на Света Великомъченица Екатерина. Св. Екатерина е християнска светица и мъченица, една от най-образованите жени на своето време. В българските традиции този ден е познат като Катерининден и светицата се чества като покровителка на майките. Според преданието Екатерина е била дъщеря на Конт, управител на Александрия, Египет, по времето на император Максимиан. Живеейки в столицата, Екатерина получава блестящо образование, изучавайки работите на най-видните философи и учени. Тя заявява на родителите си, че ще встъпи в брак с онзи, който я превъзхожда по слава, богатство, красота и мъдрост. Младежи от много богати семейства кандидатствали за ръката на красивата Екатерина, но никой не бил одобрен. Майката на Екатерина тайно изповядвала християнството,...

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Ilinden - Holidays - 20 July 2017

Ilinden - Holidays

Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors Saint Prophet Elijah on July 20. This day is one of the most celebrated holidays of the Bulgarian people. Many Orthodox churches and monasteries in the country, especially in Southwestern Bulgaria, bear his name. Believers honor the saint who is patron of the lightning and thunder and protect farmers from crop fires. St. Elijah the prophet brings rain and moisture and protect life. Because of the power possessed by our people called him Elijah Garmodolets, Garmolomnik, Gramovnik. In folk he rides across the sky with a golden chariot, which sends fiery darts. In the Bulgarian folk calendar Ilinden is the largest summer festival during harvest and threshing. Prazdnuvat fur, leather and baker, as Saint Elijah was their patron. Celebrate Elijah Ilian, Ilko and...

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St. George is the biggest Bulgarian spring festival - Holidays - 06 May 2017

St. George is the biggest Bulgarian spring festival - Holidays

People believe that the world is divided between saints. Saint George fell to rule the field. So this holiday it connect with the awakening of nature, a time when forests, meadows, fields are green and everything. Then bear fascinating aroma of flowers, grasses and herbs. Older concepts divided the year into two periods: from St. George to St. Demetrius / summer / by Demetrius to St. George / winter /.Thus, the lamb is marked a new beginning. St. George plays a role in business. Once in the private sector from St. George's hired workers are farm laborers, and were relieved of Demetrius. St. George's Day is a celebration not only of shepherds and farmers, and celebrates the Bulgarian Army. Following the adoption of Christianity, pagan patrons of flocks and fertility are shifted of Christianity...

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St.Valentine - Day of love - 14 February 2017

St.Valentine - Day of love

History of the holiday Valentine's Day to tell fantastic stories . Roots in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia festival celebrated every year on February 15 by Pope Gelasius changed this pagan festival in the Christian celebration around 496 years since it was announced on February 14 Valentine's Day What exactly is holy honor remains a mystery. There were at least three early Christian saints by that name. One was a priest in Rome , another was a bishop in Terni , and the third for Valentine almost nothing is known except that the end of his days were in Africa Most scientists believe that Valentine was a priest who fell out of favor during the reign of Claudius II around 270 years. Here the facts end and the mythic begins . According to one legend , Claudius II banned marriages...

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