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Spirit of Burgas - Festivals - 05 August 2015

Spirit of Burgas - Festivals

Spirit of Burgas is the spirit of the bottle, which you will find on the Black Sea - the sand of the central beach of Burgas. This year Be there on 12 August - 7 to dusk to open the bottle and let the spirit of freedom. Every summer, Spirit of Burgas will fly in free flight over the sand and over the sea, will envelop trees and alleys of the Sea Garden. This is the largest musical event in Bulgaria, established and developing European standards in meeting the real definition of festival. And the actual festival is not just a concert of alternating bands on one or two scenes, and special experience created on a special spot. In this experience lasting more than night - two. Footage of Spirit of Burgas 2010 Spirit of Burgas means:  - Not one, but several scenes; -...

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A Symbol Of Bulgaria - Oil Rose - Tradition - 16 May 2015

A Symbol Of Bulgaria - Oil Rose - Tradition

Valley of Roses in Bulgaria is an area located south of the Balkan Mountains, between the eastern and lower average forest. It consists of two river valleys - the Stryama the west and east of Tunja, or Karlovo and Kazanlak field. The valley is famous for the cultivation of roses industrial purposes and is a symbol of Bulgaria. There is cultivated for centuries rose Rosa Damascena. This plant has been imported from the Middle East 300 years ago and then used for rose maslo.To is obtained by distillation and other processes and is widely used in pharmacy, perfumery and others. In Bulgaria, produce 70% of rose oil in the world, making the country's largest producer of rose oil. Bulgarian rose oil has won gold medals at exhibitions in Paris, London, Philadelphia, Antwerp, Milan. The extraction...

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Saint Irene - Holidays - 05 May 2015

Saint Irene - Holidays

Saint Irene was the daughter of Licinius , the name given by parents and Penelope . Through divine revelation it was brought to faith in Christ and her baptism was renamed Irene . In his zeal for piety , it breaks all the idols of his father, who ordered it to be trampled by horses. But it remains intact , and one of the horses up and rushes over her father , killing him . Through prayer , she again returned to life. In his many travels , Saint Irene suffered torture and punishment for their faith , but survives by the power of God perform miracles and converted many people. Finally she went to Ephesus , where he died in the first half of the fourth century. Two days after her death , tombstone not found , but the tomb was empty. At least two churches were dedicated to Saint Irene of Constantinople...

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Holy Saturday - Holidays - 11 April 2015

Holy Saturday - Holidays

  A Great Saturday of Holy Sepulchre goes blessed fire. The flame fell only Orthodox.Armenians in 1579 (then the Ottoman Empire pets) soliciting permission to remove the fire. Flame flared on the column, which was supported Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem. The fire did not fall and if there are no monks from the monastery of St. Sava, and noisy Orthodox Palestinians.      From II century comes to Easter miracle. For believers who do not need explanation, but skeptics are not looking for one. At every Holy Saturday God sends the Holy Sepulchre gracious fire, praying the Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem. For the event in the city have flocked thousands of pilgrims, the world's televisions make it available to millions worldwide. But...

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Good Friday - Holidays - 10 April 2015

Good Friday - Holidays

      Good Friday, the saddest, darkest days        Good Friday is the saddest, darkest day of the Son of God. He was interrogated, impute guilt, and Pilate podstrekavan of crowd that bellowed "Crucify him", he issued a severe sentence. On this day Jesus suffered numerous insults, sorrows, pains incredible. This is the day that crucified the innocent Lamb - "tortured for our iniquities and difficult for our sins" sacrificed for the sins of all mankind. Rend the heaven and earth, the sun hid his ladder, darkness hangs over Calvary. Black, dark, startling is the day the Son of God died on a cross as the most infamous robber. On Good Friday was buried in a stone coffin in a cave to which the...

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