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European Capitals of Culture -2012 - 02 January 2012

European Capitals of Culture -2012

Europe end Culture - the two concepts seem to be inextricably linked. Whether because of its richhistorical past, colorful social life, or because of the clash of tradition and the meeting of different ethnicities. The old continent is certainly a mix of experiences and cultural awareness. Therefore, each year the Council of the European Union indicates one or more villages as European Capital of Culture for one year. In selected cities whichorganized a series of cultural events with a strong European dimension. Guimarães and Maribor - European Capital of Culture in 2012 Slovenian city of Maribor and Portugal Guimarães will share the title of European Capital of Culture in 2012, offering the continent cosmopolitan program since the firstdays of the year. The European Commission...

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Republic of Uganda -"The Pearl of Africa" or "Switzerland of Africa" - 18 December 2011

Republic of Uganda -"The Pearl of Africa" or "Switzerland of Africa"

Republic of Uganda - central  part of  East Africa. Bordered  by  Kenya to the east, Lake Victoria to the southeast, Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, Sudan to the north, Rwanda and Tanzania to the southwest. Yet the "Pearl of Africa" or "Switzerland of Africa" call a wild and scenic area which is called the National Park "Queen Elizabeth" (Queen Elizabeth) and is the most famous and visited park in Uganda. The definitions are associated with extremely diverse equatorial area of the park "Queen Elizabeth" in which you can see two beautiful lakes, connected by canal. Among the wondrous paintings of "Queen Elizabeth" also includes volcanic craters, grassy plains and tropical forests, which form a great biodiversity,...

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Uganda - the pearl of Africa - 13 December 2011

Uganda - the pearl of Africa

  Will soon be one year, I moved recoil in Uganda. As time and seasons here seem to be fixed. Nature is always green. Nothing has changed. A year is like day and one day is like a year. Our clothing is also not changed - in the summer I wear clothes like the ones I had in December last year. From time to time our cool summer rain, red soil absorbs water and dust cheeky again rush to the nostrils. A person does not even have makeup - natural particles act as natural makeup! Throughout the year there are fresh fruit and vegetables - Papaya, banana, pineapple, jackfruit, melons, mangoes, passion fruits, tomatoes. Uganda is an oasis in the middle of Africa. People in this country are as varied as nature here. There are hundreds of different...

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