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Beautiful villages of Europe - 17 July 2014

Beautiful villages of Europe

In Europe there are many villages that originality of its architecture are at least known as landmarks. Incredibly beautiful scenery around them can cause a real pleasure. Polpero, UK Incredibly picturesque fishing village situated near Plymouth in the summer attracts so many tourists, it recently has become a major tourist sector of the local economy.      Village of Eze, French Riviera  This is an incredibly beautiful place in the resort area of ​​the French Riviera. The village is very old, it was founded by the Phoenicians. Received its name in honor of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. Today, the oldest building in Eze is the Church of repentant sinners of the White Brotherhood, which was built in 1306. Lake is a place of rest and work...

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Faroese archipelago - 17 July 2014

Faroese archipelago

The Faroe Islands are located in the northern part of the Atlantic between the UK (particularly in Scotland) and Iceland. They are an autonomous region of Denmark. Also called the Faroe Islands. This archipelago consists of eighteen islands, seventeen of which are inhabited. Locals call Faroese. The typical "Northern Cross" on the flag of the Faroe Islands is a sign of belonging to the country to the other Nordic countries. Emblem of the country is ram that most accurately represents the name of the island - Faroe Islands, ie the "island of the sheep."               Naturally population is engaged in sheep and fishing, and light industry. A small amount of land can be used in agriculture for food production...

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European Capitals of Culture - 2014 - 05 January 2014

European Capitals of Culture  - 2014

Riga (Latvia) and Umea (Sweden) are the European Capitals of Culture in 2014. The cultural program will be officially launched on January 17 in the Latvian capital on January 31 in Umea. Riga will open doors for holidays with special events at museums, cafes and other venues, including exhibitions of Baltic amber and the impact of World War Culture. In 1989, during the campaign "Baltic Way", the people of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania formed a human chain to express their hope for independence from the former Soviet Union. On January 18, the people of Riga will do the same culture.     The public will recall the event of passage of books from hand to hand, from the old to the new National Library building on the other side of the river Daugava. In the...

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Walk in the Zoo of Pleven - 22 July 2013

Walk in the Zoo of Pleven

The time has come to walk around Pleven. Park "Kaylaka" is very near the town of Pleven. Get out of the trolley and step at the start. The entire park is located in the canyon of the river Tuchenishka and protected area. Walking away cool green lane which takes you to the lake with boats and water wheels, you pass the summer theater and arrive at the zoo. Zoo "Kailuka" is unique to Bulgaria, not only because it is located in the protected area, but also because the homes of its inhabitants are natural caves. It is very rich in species - 140 animals of 28 species. Here the animals are kept in pairs and must have names. Bear said Dida, and her bear - Bobby. They already have a teddy bear. Interesting is the story of the lioness Simba. She came to the zoo from the yard...

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The best known libraries in the world - 19 May 2013

The best known libraries in the world

Have you asked yourself when was created the first library? We all know what a library is, because from an early age we have visited to get a book. But we know almost nothing about its history. Here's a short story about the library. The first libraries were only partially libraries because they were composed largely of unpublished records, and they are usually considered archival collections. Excavations of the ancient city-states of Sumer in temples reveal rooms full of clay tablets with cuneiform letter. These records were made mainly of records of commercial transactions and inventory, only some of the documents relate to theological matters, historical records and legends. These are temple records on papyrus in Egypt. The earliest discovered private archives were kept at Ugarit. Ugarit...

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