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Bolivia - The Country Of Snow-Capped Mountains - 12 October 2014

Bolivia - The Country Of Snow-Capped Mountains

Bolivia lies in the tropical and subequatorial latitudes dominated eastern and Seva-east transport of air masses from the Atlantic Ocean from the Amazon, all their moisture intercept the eastern slopes of the Andes. This is a great place for lovers of winter recreation and active tourism. Western Cordillera and the interior plateau are almost deprived of her. This is a real high-altitude desert with a harsh climate, where diurnal temperature differences of up to 30 °, such fluctuations can seriously affect the general condition of the tourists. Here giant volcanic cones almost without snow, and the snow line rises to its highest position on the ground - 6000-6500 m.     Instead, on the eastern slopes of the Cordillera Real and the Cordillera Oriental, in the so-called...

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In the footsteps of St. Catherine and Moses - the Sinai Peninsula - 30 September 2014

In the footsteps of St. Catherine and Moses - the Sinai Peninsula

  Sinai is worth a visit if you come in one day in Egypt, and have enough time. Yes, there are great and beautiful sea beaches and rich water world. However, we also recommend a walk on the camel ride off-road, or stroll through the grand mountain nature of some areas that are distant from the coast. The most famous sightseeing routes - White and Coloured Canyon, walk through Wadi Ghazala to the blue desert oasis Ain Khudri and Feyran temple of Pharaoh in Serbia el-Khadim. At the end of such travel guides Bedouin usually serves a delicious dinner in the fresh and clean air.     Visit the famous monastery (St. Catherine) (place of biblical Burning Bush), which is today an important religious center of the current, produces on any visitor or tourist unforgettable...

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England - 04 September 2014


Britain - is the eighth largest island in the world. One part of the United Kingdom - England is a country with rich history and ancient traditions. At the head of the oldest monarchy Queen Elizabeth II. But it is only a symbol, and in fact cannot manage. London, capital of England, is the most popular city among tourists and the largest center of politics in Europe. In England it is often wet and foggy. The air temperature is influenced by the warm Gulf Stream, and in winter is 7 and in the summer - up to 25 degrees. Time in England, which is very variable begins to spoil in October.     In November it rains very often, and if to this be added the strong cold wind just is not conducive to walking. Under these conditions no longer helps umbrella. Eating in England...

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Andorra - A Small Country With Great Potential - 02 September 2014

Andorra - A Small Country With Great Potential

Andorra is a small country between Spain and France. Territory of the state you can drive around for half an hour. Beneficial influence on the culture of the tiniest shred of Europe puts pressure on the two powerful countries - the neighborhood Species original traditions of the local population, most of whom are Catholics. The country There is a conservative way that affects the crime rate which is the lowest in Europe. Andorra - not an earthly paradise for skiers from around the world. Ski resorts in Andorra - is a worthy defeat French, Czech and Swiss innovations. Andorra will surprise you with beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, amazing culture and small shops, with reasonable prices. The capital of Andorra - Andorra la Vella - the picturesque town of a mountain valley at 1000 meters above...

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Palm Libraries In India - Mysticism And Prophecy - 28 August 2014

Palm Libraries In India - Mysticism And Prophecy

India is the mother of spirituality. Land of the incredible country of thousand colors and beliefs. India is single. I've never been there, but I'm so attracted to her. I want to go as soon as possible. One day I turned on the TV. There was a documentary about India, libraries palm leaves and the prophecy written on them. This is an amazing thing and can happen only in India! According to legend, 4000 years ago God himself dictated their messages to a group of his ambassadors who have them recorded on palm leaves. These sheets are still in India gathered in palm libraries, many of which are in the region of Tamil Nadu. And people from all over the world go there to know their fate - yes, it is obvious that each of us has a palm leaf in our history written on it.       "Nadi...

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