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Tourist Attraction On The Island Of Corsica - 17 January 2015

Tourist Attraction On The Island Of Corsica

There are several small towns, each of which is interesting in its own way. This Mediterranean island belongs to France, although it has its autonomy. Frentsuzi much prefer to spend their holidays here. This island is glorified by Napoleon. The great emperor spent his childhood in Corsica, but today countrymen are proud of his name. Ajaccio is the capital city of the island, but also a place where there is a museum of Napoleon Bonaparte and family ancestral tomb.     The city also has a statue of the famous Emperor - commander. And it is located in the central square in the middle of the fountain.     Tourists usually do not miss the art gallery in the palace Fesh where you can see paintings by Titian, Raphael, Botticelli and Veronese....

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European Capitals of Culture - 2015 - 03 January 2015

European Capitals of Culture  - 2015

The "European Capital of Culture" aims to ensure that the annual selection of the city's cultural center of Europe will breathe new life into their development and will draw attention to their cultural development. Mons is a small town with a population of 90,000 people located in the French-speaking part of Belgium. In Mons all organizations dealing with culture, trying to show their affiliation to the status of "European Capital of Culture". Through this Mons plans to attract and surrounding towns and regions in Belgium and France, and as a result - a huge number of tourists, whose number is expected to almost two million people. This year in Mons will be executed over 100 projects, united under the slogan "When culture meets technology."     Any...

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Christmas in Tarragona - 25 December 2014

Christmas in Tarragona

Tarragona is a city in northeastern Spain on the Mediterranean coast. Is the administrative center of the homonymous province and major city on the Costa Dorada. Tarragona is one of the oldest Spanish cities. Founded by the Romans in the III century BC, the city became the capital of the Roman province Tarakonska Spain. The main feature of this coastal area are calm, blue waters, while the interior landscape is highlighted by bright sunshine and picturesque plantations of vineyards, hazelnut, almond, olive and carob. You have survived over time many historical sites - important remains of the Roman Empire - forum, amphitheater, aqueduct, etc..Cathedrals, monasteries, palaces, towers are part of the colorful landscape of the city. To really appreciate Tarragona, we must consider its natural...

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Luxembourg - 23 October 2014


The city-state of Luxembourg, situated right in the center of Europe, very often and unfairly bypass the attention of tourists. But here is something to see! In ancient times, this place was a fortified Roman fort between the two main roads. Unfortunately, no trace of those times can not be found, and the Roman ruins now available. The history of the city starts around 960 AD. Over time, the wooden fort turned into a well-fortified citadel. Siegfried I Ardennes built the first castle on the Bock Fils and called it "Lucilinburhuc". Due to its location, Luxembourg was part of several empires, including Burgundy, the Spanish and the Austrian and strengthen it constantly improved.     The most famous of these fortifications - the so-called casemates. This is...

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The Many Faces of Indonesia - 22 October 2014

The Many Faces of Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the world's largest archipelago. It comprises five major islands and about 30 smaller ones. If we consider all the small areas of land, then typed a total of more than 13,000 islands. The country is located between Australia and Asia. Despite belonging to the same state, the islands are very different to each other customs and traditions, culture and nature. The most famous tourist island of Bali is. And it is no coincidence, because its nature is unique. It is washed by two oceans, on the south side - the Indian, on the north side - the sea of Bali, which refers to the Pacific Ocean. Unusual and climate of the island. Bali is located on the equator, so the diversity of temperatures there can not be found.   And in the summer, and in winter the...

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