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Dracula's Castle - 30 November 2015

Dracula's Castle

Bran Castle (Romania), often referred to as Dracula's Castle. Many people assume that the castle was Vlad Tepes, who was ruler of Wallachia, and today is known for films about vampires and Dracula. We know from history that the castle was built by order of Louis I in the late 14th century by locals with their own money, as the king promised to exemption from taxes for several centuries. The fortress was intended to protect the southern outskirts of Transylvania. He also played the role of the customs office, where merchants were forced to pay tax on their goods.     The castle has four levels connected by a staircase. In the vastness of this castle it is easy to get lost, as the rooms and corridors are a maze.     It is assumed that...

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Pearl of Hungary - Budapest - 17 November 2015

Pearl of Hungary - Budapest

Many cities decorate their beauty swollen river. But perhaps the most dazzling is Budapest - the capital of Hungary. The city began its history back in the I century BC Celts settled here and began to engage in the territory of modern Budapest with trade and crafts. When, in the I century AD the Celts have left these lands, in their place they settled the Romans, who built on the territory of modern Hungarian capital city Pannonia. Soon far from this place the Romans built two small villages - Pest and Buda. Combinations of this small Roman settlements led to the creation of a beautiful and unique city - Budapest.              Europe has a long history of creating beautiful cities, but the pearl among them is exactly Budapest with its historical...

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The majestic St. Petersburg - 08 November 2015

The majestic St. Petersburg

Who among us does not dream to visit the city of Petra, better known as St. Petersburg? Of course, everything! This is a unique corner of the country of the Russian soul, wrapped in a European mentality and a north wind. St. Petersburg - a city on the outskirts of Russia, located near the Finnish border in the Gulf of Finland. The main waterway is a powerful and majestic river Neva. Hundreds of thousands of tourists every year has over the years come to look at this beauty.   It affects not only its vast water resources, but also the unique channels that flow into it, and the most amazing and beautiful drawbridges. The period of navigation on the Neva River - this is the most romantic time.     Every night the bridges are bred to please the...

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The landmarks in Denmark. Copenhagen - 06 November 2015

The landmarks in Denmark. Copenhagen

One of the most beloved cities in the magnificent Denmark's capital, the ancient city of Copenhagen. For almost a thousand years of history, a little fishing village called Havn, has evolved into one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in Europe. Copenhagen has experienced a lot - from constant attacks from the Swedes and Britons and the occupation of the Nazis, to the outbreak of plague and several terrible fire. The first mention of the city is found in the archives of 1043, and it became the capital of Denmark in the mid-14th century on the orders of King Valdemar the Great. Copenhagen is famous for the fact that in the very center live Queen Margaret II, representing the oldest Danish monarchy in the world. Today this city is very popular among lovers of architecture, lovers of...

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Autumn In The World - 31 October 2015

Autumn In The World

Autumn - the best time of the year and, unfortunately, the most fleeting That fall begin to notice how fast the time goes: yesterday the trees were green, and through their foliage shone the sun, and now the leaves have turned yellow and fallen on the ground, as a child of firecrackers - Confetti . What is the most offensive - in a few days and this beauty of nature did not leave running to replace it drizzle and slush. So that the first commandment of the photographer sounds so do not postpone shooting for tomorrow. Interesting nature in September can be found everywhere; Fall looks to the park, and folds, not bypassing even the smallest nooks and crannies. If you have no idea about the route, remember the well-known "tourist" places like Budunda and Manchzhurka, Pioneer camp,...

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