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Great Bulgarian Rulers - King Shishman - 03 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers  - King Shishman

The end of the 14th century. Bulgarian kingdom was threatened by Turkish invaders.The Bulgarian throne in Turnovo is king Shishman. His father, John Alexander, had raised short-termism, divided the kingdom between his sons. Prenebregnatiyat older brother, consumed by hatred for him, sees no imminent danger of the kingdom. To avoid catastrophe, Shishman is ready to compromise. He became a vassal of Sultan Murad and his wife gives to her sister. This sacrifice does not save state. During the reign of Shishman battle takes place in Chernomen (September 26, 1371), which combined Christian forces suffered defeat by the Ottoman Turks.Immediately afterwards, Sultan Murad I draws hordes to Bulgaria and Ivan Shishman was forced to retreat behind the Balkan Mountains in northern Bulgaria. In 1393...

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The Unfading Glory Of The Bulgarian Army - 01 October 2011

The Unfading Glory Of The Bulgarian Army

Latins conquered Constantinople. Tsar Kaloyan offers them peace. Greek aristocrats of Thrace, frustrated by the power of the Crusaders turned for help to the Bulgarian Tsar Kaloyan. He promises to help them, but they recognize it as their ruler. Vazstanava Greek aristocracy in 1205. This is not surprising Emperor Baldwin. He gathered under his banner 240 Knights Crusaders and went to calm the rebellious aristocracy. When the Crusaders arrived at the Baldwin Edirne, but over the fortress veeli flags of the Bulgarian Tsar Kaloyan. By order of the Tsar Kaloyan by Cumans cavalry began an attack on the Latin camp. Knights riding horses and embarked in pursuit. But Cuman cavalry was very quick and it led to expand their ranks. Comans, running, turned and shot at the Knights, aiming mostly at the...

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