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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar Boris - 12 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar Boris

Even with the creation of the Bulgarian state in 681 are formed two main ethnic groups - Slavs and Bulgars. However, they can be merged into one nation, as between them there are significant differences - tribal, ethnic, cultural, religious household. Such a merger would become possible only if there is one religion and the two ethnic communities that have common norms and values. By the mid-9th century Bulgaria is a powerful country, but lacks the equality of other European countries, ie it is exposed to international and cultural isolation. It is considered a barbarous country and country of pagans and barbarians. The need for integration into the development process of European spiritual and material culture, built on impose the adoption of Christianity the new faith. Immediately...

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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar Peter - 11 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar  Peter

After the political and cultural progress of Bulgaria under Tsar Simeon the Great (893-927) on the throne comes Petar Simeonov second son from his marriage with the sister of Boyar Georgi Sursubul. Tsar Peter (927-970) is known for its peacemaking and care for the church, for which he was canonized as a saint. His reign is the longest in Bulgarian medieval history. Peter took power too young in difficult years, when the country was exhausted by long wars with Byzantium. One part of the boyars, headed guardian of King George Sursubul want the continuation of the war and the completion of Simeon case fall of Constantinople. Others want peace and stabilization of the vast country. Already in 927, Peter, under the influence of his uncle, take military action against Byzantium in Thrace...

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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar Samuel - 10 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar Samuel

Samuel (976 - 1014) was one of the most heroic Bulgarian rulers. Despite being crowned king in 997, he took over the country as early as 976, when his predecessor Roman voluntarily transmit the power. Samuel had a natural talent to manage. Very soon Bulgaria is spread over almost the entire Balkans, and only small parts of Greece and Thrace remaining under Byzantine rule.  15 years, Samuel and the Byzantine emperor Basil II is prepared for the decisive battle between them, which burst in 1002. The army of the Byzantines was more experienced and able to force the Bulgarian troops to retreat inland. With its constant military attacks Samuel hoped it would succeed in forcing the Byzantines to sit at the peace table.      For 12...

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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar Ivan Asen II - 09 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar Ivan Asen II

After the death of Kaloyan of Bulgaria shall be managed by his nephew battled. Inappropriate management Boril ends when the country returned sons of the old Tsar - Ivan Asen and Alexander. In 1218, Ivan Asen II takes the crown of the Bulgarian kings. Using diplomacy (dynastic marriages become a favorite nostrum Ivan Asen in solving the difficult diplomatic problems), Ivan Asen II extended the territory of Bulgaria. Only in his time Bulgaria is bordered by three seas: Black, White and Adriatic. After the Battle of Klokotnitsa Bulgaria became a paramount power in Southeast Europe, and its ruler Ivan Asen II, following the example of King Simeon already branded "King of the Bulgarians and Greeks." He began minting gold coins with his face. The memory of...

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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar Kaloyan - 05 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar Kaloyan

One of the greatest Bulgarian kings - King Kaloyan.Tretiyat brothers who headed the liberation struggle of the Bulgarian people in the late 12th century, says John, but at least it was called Yoanitsa. Its official name was Kaloyan (Good, Good John). It signed a document, released by the ruler's office. Byzantine historians called it "Skiloyoan" (Ivan dog) because of his cruelty to the Byzantine tribe. He named himself "Romeoubiets" and zayavyavyal that juices the Byzantines for this evil that has ever caused the Emperor Basil II of his people. Tsar Kaloyan stabilize the domestic political life in Bulgaria and won international acclaim for his country. He restored the territorial integrity of Bulgaria as a Member of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. Active...

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