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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Taurus Han - 24 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers - Taurus Han

With the reign of Taurus power in Bulgaria came a new dynasty - he was like Ugain Point. Drafter of the List purposely said: This was another instead. For events that was preceded its launch on the throne, the Byzantine historians tell: "work at hunobalgarite developed as follows. They, having agreed among themselves killed those who stem possessed power over them and their leader set Taurus. The new ruler was from the ranks of the part of the Proto-Bulgarian aristocracy, which held the Slavs to stay away from the management of the state - to judge this by the fact that after his enthronement of the Slavic tribes sought refuge within the Byzantine Empire. According to the assurances of contemporaries Taurus was a young man (30 years), but was known most daring and turbulent temper....

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Great Bulgarian kings - Khans Umor, Tokta and Pagan - 23 October 2011

Great Bulgarian kings - Khans Umor, Tokta and Pagan

His successor Sabin left fatigue Umor (Umar) also like Vokil. New Inn continued political course of Sabin, but also get the support of the boils. He remained in power for only 40 days and was deposed. Obviously, the higher circles of the Bulgarians were unable to find a person to take over power firmly in his hands and put the country of the blind alley. After downloading the fatigue boils raised throne Tokta reign of Khan. And he stood at the head of the state only about 1 year (766-767 AD). For unknown reasons since the beginning of his reign, the new inn meet resistance part of Billy. Turf swirled with new force. At the same time the Byzantine army appeared at Sea in northeastern Bulgaria. Tokta reign and supporting it boils retreated somewhere to Ludogorie or Dobrogea, but there were killed...

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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Scary Han Krum - 16 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers - Scary Han Krum

  Khan Krum Stashniy, rule-maker, with a huge military successes and territorial gains        Under Khan Krum (802-814) The former principality modestly on both banks ofthe Lower Danube is already a powerful state, which includes all of present-day Romania and eastern part of modern Hungary, bordering lands of Frankish Emperor Charlemagne.  Bulgaria under Khan Krum     Expansion to the south and southwest, however, to the Slavs in Thrace and later inMacedonia, Krum encountering fierce resistance Byzantine. Conflict with...

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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Omurtag Khan - son of Khan Krum - 15 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers -  Omurtag Khan - son of Khan Krum

In the inscriptions Omurtag is presented as the son of Krum. Its name translates as "round", "thick", but others say it means "eagle." After strengthening its position ahead of Khan Omurtag rejected peace proposals of the Byzantine Emperor Leo the Fifth. In 814 he became a decisive battle between two armies. Romans won a great victory and Omurtag Khan began peace talks. The signed 30-year contract has 11 chapters (clauses). It sets the boundaries between the two countries. Problem occupies an important place for the exchange of prisoners and frontier populations. Compromise allows to restore the situation before the war in 815, the return of captured Byzantine Emperor Leo V is obliged to allow the Slavs from the border areas remained...

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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar Simeon I the Great - 13 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers - Tsar Simeon I the Great

Tsar Simeon I - Bulgarian ruler, called the Great by his people Tsar Simeon I - Bulgarian ruler, called the Great by his people. Great are the achievements of his reign Along with successful wars, Bulgaria became king in third cultural center of the world then. His time is a time of territorial expansion - Bulgaria washes its banks on three seas, it is time cultural prosperity through the ages, later called Golden Age of Bulgarian culture. Simeon stands at the head of state after his older brother Vladimir Race is removed from the throne and blinded because of his attempt to return the country to paganism. Old Boris leaves the convent to plead for his life. He put on the throne his youngest son, who bilgotven head of the Bulgarian church. Symbolic end of the pagan...

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