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Great Bulgarian kings - Tervel Han - son Asparuh - 29 October 2011

Great Bulgarian kings - Tervel Han - son Asparuh

The year of his birth is unknown. According to the express direction of Namelist of the Bulgarian khans Tervel was like Dulo. On that basis, is considered Asparuh son and his immediate successor. He ascended the throne in 700 AD Evidence of Khan Tervel associated with Byzantium, its emperors and his battles with Constantinople. The first evidence of Tervel are 704 years and are associated with the Byzantine Emperor Justinian II. In 705 years the benefits of territorial expansion are Tervel of Bulgaria. South of the Stara Planina area Tervel received Zagora - this land located between Sliven, Yambol and Black Sea. After three years of peace between Bulgaria and Byzantium was broken. Justinian II led war against Tervel. But without hesitation Tervel attacked and destroyed the Byzantine army....

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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Kormesiy Han - 28 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers - Kormesiy Han

Son of Khan Tervel (701-718) such Dulo. In the "Name List of Bulgarian Khans" his name not be read due to deletion of the place where written. Han Kormesiy clearly mentioned however in western chronicles of Sigebert of Gembloux and the monk Alberich, it is called "the third ruler of the Bulgarians" after Asparuh Tervel. This is important in view of the war with the Arabs in 717-718, and the rescue of Constantinople and Europe from their invasion, because Bulgarians have a major contribution to the victory. Kormesiy is also mentioned by the Byzantine chronicler Theophanes as assistant Tervel more at the conclusion of the contract with Byzantium war against the Arabs, which seems to take and personal involvement. Information on Khan Kormesiy there in one of the inscriptions...

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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Sevar Han - 27 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers - Sevar Han

The mere knowledge of this ruler is contained in the List of Bulgarian Khans. Came from the ruling family, that was grandson Sevar Khan Asparuh. In the List is recorded that ruled the country of the Bulgarians 15 years (738 - 753). For this period the Byzantine chroniclers do not report anything about the events occurring on the northern boundary. If you refer to so-called. "Proof of Silence \", it appears that throughout their management Khan Sevar maintained peaceful relations with the Empire. The silence of the origins approve another one assumption: management Sevar not been marked with the sign of great and notable events. But the ensuing strife seen that was seemingly calm and deceptive. Most researchers believe that Khan Sevar was the last scion of the famous and wealthy...

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Great Bulgarian Rulers – Kormisosh Han - 26 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers – Kormisosh  Han

In the List specifies that drove 17 years, but they probably included the years when he was abetted Sevar. For Kormisosh know (again from the List), that was like Vokil - therefore from that time should count the first dynastic coup in Bulgarian history. Drafter of the List, explains: "This prince amend kind Dulov, that Vihtun." In other embodiments, the translation of this expression looks like this: "This change kind Dulov Prince", which means Vihtun-Vihrogon. " Assume you for accurate first option (which is the most logical) means Kormisosh is "changed the ruling family, ie Sevar removed from the throne, or otherwise, usurped power. Possible is another option of interpretation in the sense that Kormisosh "changed" Dulo dynasty, died after the last...

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Great Bulgarian Rulers - Wineh Han - 25 October 2011

Great Bulgarian Rulers - Wineh Han

Is only mentioned in the List of Bulgarian Khans. Managed seven years. His family is Vokil. Change of control race witness for another coup. The occasion was the defeat of Khan Kormisosh in the campaign by 756. In the same 756 by Emperor Constantine V undertook his second campaign against Bulgaria - Bulgarian head of state are already Khan Wine. Shot of the Byzantines was implemented with the joint efforts of the land army and navy. Five hundred Byzantine ship reached the mouth of the river and taken upstream of the river - Dump landing "burned Bulgarian land and took many captives." Land army, which command personally by the Emperor, was greeted with Wine at the frontier fortress mark (in today Karnobat). Bulgarian troops "were converted to escape and suffered defeat. Wine Khan...

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