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In Heavenly Theatre is unforgettable Bulgarian talent! - Events - 26 January 2012

In Heavenly Theatre is unforgettable Bulgarian talent! - Events

April 1, 2011 - 82 years of age died Georgi Rusev. One of the greatest figures in theBulgarian cinema. In 2006 Georgi Rusev was awarded the honorary award "Asker" for Lifetime Achievement. December 11, 2011 - At age 63, died one of the most popular Bulgarian actors Velko Kanev. "Stay" said the final song from the movie "orchestra without a name," one of the most popular bands of the Bulgarian audience. 63 years after a long struggle wins Velko disease. But he remains.   December 30, 2011 - Ivan Andonov and life is already yesterday. Man shot movie logo of the Bulgarian cinema - "Yesterday," "Ladies Choice", "Dangerous Charm" and "Adio, Rio" left this world.  For 77 years.   January...

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Night Roller - Events - 19 August 2011

Night Roller - Events

Evening of rollers will gather on August 19 in Burgas fans of this kind of extreme way of moving. It is scheduled from 19 hours before the Pantheon in the Sea Garden. The Pantheon was built in honor of those killed in the First World War and for many yearshas been properly maintained and even guarded by the guard, but it is preserving the Christian fire burned in memory of fallen soldiers! Nowadays there is no resident and visitor to the city it is seen passing through thesea garden, or picking up from the beach. Quite young he used to meet even the elderly and for their daily walks. Summer time is very pleasant there, because there are many benches around where anyone can sit down after a long walk, and natural beauty, beautiful flower beds and trees and quiet that prevails, make it a...

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