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Georgy Benkovski - Personality - 12 May 2015

Georgy Benkovski - Personality

Georgy Benkovski Bulgarian patriot and revolutionary, a founding member of the Giurgiu Revolutionary Committee, participated in the preparation and manages the April Uprising, organized equestrian squad known as The Flying Band. Real name is Gabriel Benkovski Gruev Hlutev, born about 1843 in Koprivshtica. It is known that he has a sister named Kou. His father died early in 1848, and probably for this reason only teaches third grade, then began to earn his living, studying Terziiski craft. Later travels with Bulgarian merchants, has reached even to Anatolia. The story is more specific about the beginning of the beginning of 1875, when he arrives in Bucharest, where closer to Bulgarian revolutionary circles. Stoyan Zaimov able to include it in Giurgiu revolutionary committee. Benkovski participate...

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What are the lessons of the April uprising - 1876, which we must remember and know? - Facts - 20 April 2015

What are the lessons of the April uprising - 1876, which we must remember and know? - Facts

 April Uprising, as is customary historians say is the tip of the liberation movement of the Bulgarians against the Ottoman Empire. It is committed by followers already hanged Vasil Levski and prepared for a short period. Hostilities develop mostly within Panagyurski Fourth Revolutionary District, where the apostle acted Georgi Benkovski. The main thing to know is that the apostles are then imagined that they would break down with cherry ball Ottoman Empire, which spread to Europe, Asia, all the way in Africa, in present-day Libya. The uprising was crushed. It suffered a military defeat, but in the main it is the international reaction to the atrocities that the Turkish army carried out in Batak, Perushtitsa, Novo Selo and many other places.     These atrocities...

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Zhelyu Zhelev - Personality - 30 January 2015

Zhelyu Zhelev - Personality

In Bulgaria, at the age of 79 years died, the first democratically elected President Zhelyu Zhelev. Since 1960 was a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party. At the end of his presidency, Zhelev last more socio-political activities. The first person in Bulgaria, the leaders of political and social organizations have expressed their condolences to the family of the deceased. Bulgarian Parliament paid tribute Zhelyu Zhelev minute of silence. Zhelev was one of the iconic figures in the so-called "transition" from socialism to Bulgarian democracy. On his initiative in Bulgaria was created by the Society of glasnost and perestroika, Zhelev was also one of the founders of the right-wing party "Union of Democratic Forces" and became chairman of the parliamentary group...

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Valya Balkanska - Personality - 25 January 2015

Valya Balkanska - Personality

Valya Balkanska is the cosmic voice of Bulgaria. The voice of our most famous folk singer from the Rhodope Mountains is uploaded into space in 1977. The unprecedented performance of her song "Izlel is Delyu rebel" would sound there at least 60,000 years ... This song in its implementation is a matter of national pride after in 1977 its record is included in the Golden Record sent into space with two US Voyager spacecraft, which in 2004 left the confines of the solar system.   Great Rodopchanka inspired performs another 300 songs have absorbed the pain and grief of her native mountains. Born in 1942, on January 8, in the bow-quarter above the village of Arda, Smolyan. Her great Rhodope heart sings with the same love and joy in their home neighborhood, and in the major capitals...

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Atanas Burov - Personality - 14 October 2014

Atanas Burov - Personality

       "I'm not a pessimist. I am deeply convinced that the cause of Bulgaria is not lost and would like to inspire you in the same faith, to lift up your hearts, to give you some of my optimism, because optimism is a source of faith and power, and the Bulgarian people in need today's time of one and the other to suffer, hope and act ... "      "Bulgarians will become a great citizen of the world the day he dump his lowest quality - always looking to go thin and not pay just for what you receive."       It said that genius banker and politician Atanas Burov. Spoken before more than half a century, but it sounds very contemporary, especially in the context of critical well as the latest report...

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