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Battle of Sheinovo - Еvents - 09 January 2016

Battle of Sheinovo - Еvents

Battle of Sheinovo - one of the final battles of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. During the war, in 1877 it entered into an area Sheinovo vast fortified camp, arranged by the Turks in the valley against the Shipka Pass. When the end of November 1877 fall of Pleven, Chief of the Russian army, using the fact that he had cleared a significant number of troops, decided to immediately, despite the cold weather, and the Balkans go to Adrianople and move on. This prompted him and very difficult situation already in the mountains troops generals Gurko and Radetzky. At the disposal of General Radetzky, who held Shipka Pass, it was with the arrival of reinforcements from the Plevna, to 45 thousand; however, if such a force frontal attack against the Turkish position is risky pass and...

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The liberation of Sofia - 1878 - Facts - 04 January 2016

The liberation of Sofia - 1878 - Facts

On January 4, 1878 Sofia was liberated from Turkish rule. After the fall of   Pleven in December 1877, Joseph Gurko commanding heavy winter transition in Sofia Stara Planina. He conquered Sofia, defeated army of Osman Nuri Pasha. The words of General Gurko are "probably would not move the mountain, if these were silent and strong Bulgarians brought us bread and hot food. Led us to remove the horses to his oxen to  guns and so went the first parties to push through snowdrifts and monstrous cold. " Anniversary always celebrates by Sofia municipality, civic associations, representatives of the Bulgarian clergy, Russian institutions and citizens. After wards a thanksgiving service in the church "Holy Sunday" in memory of  the victims in the Russo-Turkish...

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Anniversaries in the history of Bulgaria in 2015 - Facts - 20 November 2015

Anniversaries in the history of Bulgaria in 2015 - Facts

- 1913th anniversary of victory / 102 / Roman Emperor Trajan over the Dacians. In honor of the victory was built Nicopolis ad Istrum - an ancient Roman town, located 18 km north of Veliko Tarnovo on the road to Rousse and 3 km southeast of. Nikyul. Existed until the beginning of the VII century, when the attack of Slavs and Avars destroyed his life. The ancient city studied by archaeologists since 1900. - 1513 years of invasion / 502 / Bulgars (Proto) in Thrace, in the course of which they are facing resistance by the Byzantines. Chroniclers reported many similar attacks in Thrace in 493, the 515, the 535 and on - 1383 years, from the AS / 632 / Proto-Bulgarian tribes headed by Khan Kubrat, defeated the Turks and based voennoplemenniya Union Great Bulgaria. The boundaries of...

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The Story Of One Photo - Facts - 26 July 2015

The Story Of One Photo - Facts

Lyudmila Zhivkova show jokes Gabrovo Svetoslav Roerich.The year is 1978. Mystic Svetoslav Roerich Russian painter considered the House of Humor and Satire. He admits to his companion, Lyudmila Zhivkova that anywhere in the world has not seen such exposure. Great artist, equally valuable in the United States, Russia, India, enjoys warm welcome in the country thanks to Lyudmila Zhivkova. It was her idea spiritual leader, then 74 years, visited Bulgaria. Asleep he comes several times in connection with the opening of his and his father Nicholas Roerich exhibitions in different cities. Furthermore, 1978 was declared "Year of Roerich" in the country. Impressed by the extent to which cultural Lyudmila Zhivkova move cases in the country, Svetoslav Roerich gave our country 400 paintings -...

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Elin Pelin - 21 July 2015

Elin Pelin

Elin Pelin. His real name is Dimitar Ivanov Stoyanov. He was born on 18 July 1877, in the village Baylovo in the Ottoman Empire. He is a Bulgarian writer. Author of major works on rural themes and fairy stories "Ian Bibian" and "Ian Bibian the moon. He received the nickname" singer of rural distress. "Maxim Gorky argued that " each country can be proud of as a writer Elin wormwood".  Elin Pelin started writing as a student in Baylovo. In 1895 he published his first novels "dear fatherland," "Grave of the mother", the poem "Winter" and "Hi." In November 1897 he was published novel "Silent sorrow" for the first time under the name of Elin Pelin. For early works of Dimitar Stoyanov is characteristic poetry....

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