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Peyo Yavorov - Personality - 13 January 2018

Peyo Yavorov - Personality

Peyo Yavorov is a Bulgarian poet, born in the town of Republic, 14 January (1 January old style) 1878. His real name is Peyo Totev Kracholov. Iavorov ends V (IX) class in Plovdiv. By 1893. until 1901. working in post offices, changing various settlements - Republic, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Straldzha Anchialo (Pomorie), Sofia. At that time, he sympathized with the Bulgarian Workers' Social Democratic Party and after 1897. come into contact with the Internal Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization. Initially, he was editor of various publications related to the Macedonian-Adrianople revolutionary movement. Later, with various bands repeatedly cross the border and fight for the freedom of Macedonia becoming one of the most active supporters of Gotse Delchev and his first biographer...

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Gena Dimitrova - a world famous opera singer, soprano - Personality - 06 May 2017

Gena Dimitrova - a world famous opera singer, soprano - Personality

More than four decades, an 18 year old girl looking for the first time "Aida" by Giuseppe Verdi. Until then, Gena knows only opera screenings in his native village Beglej, Pleven. They watch movies "Ruslan and Lyudmila," "Ivan Susanin" and "Casta Diva". The future starts singing diva ever - at home, at school scene in the field. 20 years against the wishes of her father she was admitted to the Academy of Music and became a student of exceptional singer and pedagogue Prof. Hristo Brambarov. He discovered her talent, saying remarkable: It's a voice that was born a hundred yearstime. It is the only singer in the world for decades and constantly sings the boundaries of perfection "violent" games of Abigaille, Lady Macbeth, Gioconda, Turandot....

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Hristo Botev - Personality - 06 January 2017

Hristo Botev - Personality

Hristo Botev was a Bulgarian revolutionary, poet and journalist, born December 25, 1847 (new style - January 6, 1848) Kalofer in family Botyo Petkov and Ivanka Boteva. He studied at Karlovo where Botyo Petkov is a teacher later in Kalofer continued his studies under the guidance of his father in June 1863 ended triklasno local school. In October he went to Russia and a private student records in the Second Odessa High School, from which is expelled in September 1865 in October and December 1866 was a teacher in the Bessarabian village Zadunaevka. In January 1867 he returned to Kalofer, began to preach rebellion against landlords and Turks, and then finally left Kalofer. At that time, on April 15 in "Gaida", edited by PRSlaveykov was first published poem Hr. Botev - "Maytse her."...

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Rayna Knyaginya - Personality - 06 January 2017

Rayna Knyaginya - Personality

Raina Popgeorgieva Foutekova, better known as Rayna Knyaginya, has Bulgarian teacher and revolutionary, she sewed the uprising flag of the April Uprising. On the day of the announcement of the uprising, it flutters alongside Benkovski.  Raina Foutekova was born on January 18 (January 6, new style) in 1856 in Panagyurishte. After the April Uprising was captured by the Turks and subjected to severe suffering, and left bits of bread and water more than a month in the Plovdiv prison. Raina then managed to get to Moscow with a forged passport. There three years studied medicine and became a midwife. He wrote his "Autobiography", published first in Russian. Only in 1934 was translated into Bulgarian, and this is the first book on the April Uprising. In Moscow Raina managed...

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Pleven Epic - Facts - 10 December 2016

Pleven Epic - Facts

December 10th - On this day in 1877 Pleven fell after a five-month siege. Osman Pasha passed the town and garrison of the Russian troops. The capture of the town of Pleven is a milestone in the Russo-Turkish War, for releasing significant Russian forces after the Battle of Sheinovo in early 1878 opened the way to the Ottoman capital Istanbul. Prehistory In late June 1877 the Russian army crossed the Danube near Svishtov. Russians take Nikopol, Osman Pasha and led his troops to Pleven. Shortly after, there began to arrive first Russian troops. Siege and Battle of Pleven run in three assaults, the first two attacks were unsuccessful. Third attack After the failure of two attacks on Russian troops Osman Pasha was unable to take advantage of their superiority and repel besieging...

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