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In memory of Velko Kanev - Events - 14 December 2018

In memory of Velko Kanev - Events

One of the biggest Bulgarian actors, great  Velko Kanev, died on 11.12.2011 year -only 63. Over the past four years he suffered from serious illness and several timeswent  through severe treatment in Germany. But still out on stage and enjoyed his many admirers. Veljko Kanev  was born in  Elhovo in 1948 graduated from the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1973 he was popular in Bulgaria with their roles in the films "Orchestra without a name", "Matriarchy", "Manly Times", "Bon chance inspector", "Loving stubborn "...

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Pleven Epic - Facts - 10 December 2018

Pleven Epic - Facts

December 10th - On this day in 1877 Pleven fell after a five-month siege. Osman Pasha passed the town and garrison of the Russian troops. The capture of the town of Pleven is a milestone in the Russo-Turkish War, for releasing significant Russian forces after the Battle of Sheinovo in early 1878 opened the way to the Ottoman capital Istanbul. Prehistory In late June 1877 the Russian army crossed the Danube near Svishtov. Russians take Nikopol, Osman Pasha and led his troops to Pleven. Shortly after, there began to arrive first Russian troops. Siege and Battle of Pleven run in three assaults, the first two attacks were unsuccessful. Third attack After the failure of two attacks on Russian troops Osman Pasha was unable to take advantage of their superiority and repel besieging...

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Donyo Donev - classic animation - Personality - 28 November 2018

Donyo Donev - classic animation - Personality

On 06.27.1929 year in Berkovitsa born Donyo Donev. Graduated graphics at the Art Academy in 1954, and in 1959 specializes in Soyuzmultfilm in Moscow. His first cartoon by artist "Hulled and Grushko" (1957). Donyo Donev is the "father" of the iconic "Three Stooges", which appeared in 1970, and passed over the years in numerous roles. Donev is the author of more than 100 cartoons. Many people define the personality of Donyo Donev as extremely controversial. Indifferent to it would - or strongly liked him or hated him highly. In 2001 he tried to enter politics, but stay out of it because it became clear that he was an agent of the former State Security. This story insults Donev and he decided to deal only with what may - be attributed to his work as a cartoonist and...

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Anniversary Of The Death Of Tsar Boris III - Personality - 28 August 2018

Anniversary Of The Death Of Tsar Boris III - Personality

 On August 28, 1943 died King Boris III (Catholic name: Louis Robert Pierre BorisStanislav) - Bulgarian king from 1918 until 1943 He was born on January 30, 1894Son of King Ferdinand I and Princess Marie Luisa of Bourbon-Parma, brother of Cyrilof Preslav. At birth, he was awarded the Order of "St. Alexander" I degree, and I andIV degree of military medal "For courage". In 1896 is renamed in Eastern faith - hisgodfather was the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Graduate School in Sofia in 1912,visited St. Petersburg and Kiev (1911), where he was awarded the highest Russianorder "St. Andrew Parvozvaniy" with diamonds.              In 1911-1912, the travel for scientific purposes in the interior...

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Paisii Hilendarski - Personaliry - 19 June 2018

Paisii Hilendarski - Personaliry

Saint Paisii Hilendarski (1722-1773), most commonly called and known as Father Paisii. He e Bulgarian clergymen and national  leaders. Author of "Slav-Bulgarian History". Juicy is the founder of the Bulgarian Revival, because that his work has ideas for the Liberation of the Bulgarian people and our national revival. His only certain work is "Slav-Bulgarian History". Only entries Hilendar codices and some of his letters, containing biographical notes, can take information about the life of Paisii. He was born in Bansko in 1722, his father was a trader Michael Hadzhivalchev. In his own words not taught any social sciences. Goes to Hilandar monastery in 1745, where monk and proigumen. For two years he needs to gather materials. He...

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