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18 (19) February - the death of Vasil Levski - 19 February 2018

18 (19) February - the death of Vasil Levski

"People ? ? ? ? " Phrase written at the end of the notebook of Levski. Reproach ? Disappointment ? Or expression of positive emotion ? - What did he tell us Levski ? The truth is very often not so extreme, nor so hidden. Levski just ask us , provoke , making us think . Draws our attention to something timeless and important. Freedom and independence. Deacon , thank you for everything you've done for us. And especially that remind us constantly thought. Vasil Ivanov Kunchev - Levski Born July 18, 1837 in Karlovo - died on February 18, 1873 near Sofia. Known as Vasil Levski and the Apostle of Freedom . Ideologist and organizer of the Bulgarian national revolution , founder of the Internal Revolutionary Organization ( IRO ) and the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (...

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All Souls' Day , the day of commemoration of the souls of the dead - Traditions - 10 February 2018

All Souls' Day , the day of commemoration of the souls of the dead - Traditions

In the church calendar of Bulgaria has three important temples Large, Cherry and Arkhangelsk . They are always on Saturday, and their dates change. The first year was Big Souls , eight weeks before Easter. Cherry Souls before Pentecost and is also linked to the Easter holidays . Michaelmas Souls before Michaelmas . All three major temples are always on Saturday and their dates change. Much Souls is the Saturday before Lent Meat . Every year falls on a different date , but always on a Saturday , 8 weeks before Easter. Cherry Souls on Saturday before Pentecost , and Michaelmas Souls on Saturday before Michaelmas , which is the eighth of November. All Souls honors of the deceased . Rituals that are made these days are inherited from the Thracians, Slavs , although slightly modified . The name...

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On Mutafov - Happy Holidays!- Art - 02 February 2018

On Mutafov - Happy Holidays!- Art

Stoyana Konstantinov Mutafov probably funny Bulgarian actress. Her real name Stoyana - Mary, but it is written Stoyanka, decided to keep the artistic nickname. At the time, she believes that "k" name brings good luck. She was born February 2, 1922 in Sofia. He graduated classical philology at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and the National Theatre School in Sofia. From 1946 to 1949, working in the theater in Prague, and from 1949 to 1956 at the National Theatre. This is one of the founders of the State satirical theater "Aleko Konstantinov", where she worked from 1956 to 1991, and although retired, continues to go on the stage today. Mutafov participated in many Bulgarian films as "specialist in everything," "Favorite 13", "Heat", "The...

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St. Trifon - Holidays - 01 February 2018

St. Trifon - Holidays

Few people know that St. Trifon is the patron and another small community - the falconers. According to ancient tradition, the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible was a passionate falconer. Once while hunting in famous for its rich water game Naprudnoe village (now a suburb north of Moscow, near Riga station) he lost his beloved northern white falcon - a very beautiful bird. For young bird responded falconer Tryphon Patrikeev (like princes Patrikeevi). Devastated by the loss, Tsar Ivan the Terrible ordered the boy to find his pet birds in three days and threatened with death if they returned empty-handed. Three days the young bird Tryphon sought unsuccessfully in the Long Lost List Chat forest. At the end of the given time seated on a hill slope in the Great Lake and asleep exhausted....

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Bulgaria commemorate the victims of the communist regime - 01 February 2018

Bulgaria commemorate the victims of the communist regime

On the night of 1 on 2 February 1945 the Communists villainous killing Regents and Ministers of the Kingdom of Bulgaria. Yes, that night, but years ago, the Sofia central cemetery was made ugly mischief: Communists are shot with a bullet in the neck Prince of Preslav Kiril, brother of Tsar Boris III, prof. Bogdan Filov gene. N. Mihov, ie three regents of the King of Bulgaria, ministers, royal counselors, deputies. Then killed representatives of the senior civil service establishment of the Kingdom of Bulgaria were buried in a common grave in a plane pit formed by US bombing of Sofia. And they covered the corpses of red kravolotsi with quicklime and then with tons of slag. Killed were "sentenced" to death by etc. "People's Court". God forgive brutally slain statesmen...

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